1. The only thing that man is Robbin’ is cock. He is definitely a bone smuggler.

      The kid, however, will grow up to be like The Batman. He has seen his father die in front of his eyes at the hands of SJWs and feminists. The son will have his dark revenge on SJWs.

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  1. The dude’s right, strong men don’t fear women’s rights. They just smack the uppity bitch and tell her to shut up and get back in the kitchen.

    Of course she might call the cops, but strong men aren’t afraid of the law. Men who spend half their adult lives in prison still get more pussy than (and as many offspring as) weak, women-respecting, law-abiding, tax-paying eunuchs.


  2. It’s interesting that most of the children pictured at these kind of protests have this exact look on their face. Slightly angry, confused, bored, and embarrassed. The ones who aren’t being heavily coached and posed by their insane parents, that is.


    1. Of course they’re bored. They don’t, and shouldn’t be involved in adult affairs, even if it stretches the definition of “adult.” They’d rather be home playing ball, video games, picking up critters from the locals pond, etc.


  3. One or two more humiliating protests and this kid will have the mindset to become next Anders Brevick.
    With any luck, the generation that is being raised right now will have a couple hundred thousand of kids just like this.


  4. Why are dads such dorks these days?

    This is the end result of beta bux/alpha fux system. Kids suffer because betas are pushed to be borderline omegas in the household affairs and true alphas simply don’t become married fathers.


  5. This is why immigrants don’t respect us. Too many men are; kowtowing to women, butt plug using, cuckolding, swinging, male chastity belt wearing and teaching their sons to do the same. I’m sure the boy’s mother has a fresh large tattoo, a short hair cut to match the longing eyes for an alpha or buck and is looking for an opportunity to be seeded.


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