1. Insolent leftoids know they can do almost anything and we will not beat them up, because we on the right are the tolerant ones.

      but our tolerance has limits, I can not wait for the day the levee breaks and leftoids are beaten up so badly, it will make their silly little riots look like a picnic, and beaten up so badly they will be scared to come out and will stay quiet for years.

      I hate leftoids a bit more everyday, them and their evil main stream media.

      If I believed in such things ( I’m not a religious man ) I would say the devil is in charge of the left and has taken control of their souls. ( Soros is as close to being satan as one can be )


  1. I support the description. I would love to see them outside a mosque with the main bitch dressed in a burka doing this act. It’ll never happen though. Inspiring fear and the subsequent ability to cuck is one of islam’s greatest strengths.
    I just watched a show about Somalia last night where a man legally cut off one of his wife’s legs below the knee for some minor offense. Another woman had both of her hands cut off for some ridiculous infraction. The women in this protest above might have all been killed for their act, and yet they yearn for more Islam.


    1. Read @jeangray07s comment above yours for the answer. Women want this. FFS, stop treating them lke 1950s-era White women.

      Our women our the most promiscuous whores on Earth (recently surpassing blacks, IMO).

      One more image of a stunning blonde in a wheat field is going to set me over the edge. Tyrone is probably sitting off damerZ waiting to fuck your 14/88 goddess.

      Eminent are just like that . The faster you accept it; the better our odds of survival.


  2. Imagine if someone did this shit in front of your children. I would fully support swift and brutal violence in response.


  3. We should be glad these disgusting pigs are baby killers. They are self-selecting their lunacy from the gene pool.

    And if you think nobody is banging these freaks, you are underestimating their appeal to low-IQ manginas.


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