The reason for the burqa

The story here is that this deracinated White male converted to Islam and now dates an equally deracinated pigwoman who by rights would be considered absolutely haram amongst truly pious Saracens.

His beloved has a horrible case of Islamobesity.


  1. The Koran commands women to dress “modestly” but does not require them to don black pup tents. That’s a side effect of insecure property rights — if the Sultan likes what he sees, he can torture you into divorcing your wife and add her to his harem. It’s also why houses in the Islamic world look decrepit on the outside even if luxuriously appointed on the inside, and why European visitors in the early 1800s saw no wheeled carts on the road. Islam says that adulterers shall be stoned and thieves unhanded, but such laws are of limited value if the Sultan can violate them with impunity.

    An English King could not command a man to divorce his wife. He could have your head chopped off, but then your property passed to your sons, not to the King.


  2. In my job working with international students, I have access to student photos on the student information system. Invariably, the veiled women are always butt ugly. Islamo-cuties, and there are some, always unveil.


  3. Thea FBI needs to keep on eye on this neckbeard. Converts are the most crazy. It takes a deep level of self hatred for a man to voluntarily convert to islam. Recently, in an Australian school where the principal converted to islam, teachers were threatened with beheading and non muslim students forced to pray.
    The principal was sacked a week ago but the new principal had two men threaten to kill him.

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  4. Suicide bomber is a reasonable career choice if you’re coming home to that every night. The look on his fact indicates to me that he’s considering it.


  5. How anyone of either sex could feel anything more than pity (much less actual attraction) for someone without an identifiable neck is beyond me.


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