Leftist Physiognomy

Behold the Young Communist League of Alberta, CA.

Fight the power…..of physical fitness. I don’t think I’ve seen a bigger group of freaks struggle so mightily to raise their fists above chin level.


    1. The red guards have certainly gone downhill since the heydays of the post WW1 shitstorm and the Spanish Civil War. A single soldier from the North Korean Armed Forces could kill all of them with a rusty butter knife and a short length of string…and they may not even need the knife.

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  1. Ah, my fellow Albertans.

    Ludicrous as these humanoid shaped lumps of shit are, it’s important to keep in mind they each get a vote, just the same as competent, non-mentally ill people, like me, do. From this photo, that makes it 8 vs. 1.

    What can we do about that?

    We are so fucked.

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  2. If it wasn’t for the Che Guevara t-shirt, I would have assumed by looking at the photo that it was a picture of adult day care members with special needs. I am not being snarky, as I used to work with special needs people. I would have guessed varying autism spectrum disorders including Asperger syndrome. This photo would be funny (and ironic), however it is very sad.

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    1. Uh, that’s Fidel.

      But I had the same reaction as you: they were lining up to proceed to the Short Bus stop outside the community center, and their Social Facilitator held up her iPhone and said, “OK, special warriors! Before you go howbout a snappy for our FB page! Fists up! Power to the peepul!”

      Still, I worry more that Alberta is in NDP hands. How the hell did THAT happen? Alberta used to be the most conservative province in the Commonwealth, dinnit?


      1. You are correct. It is Fidel. I was drunk and bleary-eyed, and thanks for the correction.


  3. Alberta, wherever — it could be anywhere in the US too, since a random shot of the public in the US normally shows nearly all people visible are unattractive and overweight.


      1. No no, I mean the caption. I don’t think it is legit. I hope it is though. I’d love a revolution just to see them storming the Whitehouse calling on workers of the world to join the flag.


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