Love Travels Virally

There are at least two lies in this ad.

  1. there’s no such thing as unconditional love
  2. that’s no Chad


  1. I read yesterday that Ikea has a similar ad in which two gays , one of them mullato, one with tattoos are cuddling up on a couch, there is also some words about saving the planet and other leftist crazy brainwashing stuff.

    such insanity promoted by almost everyone nowadays…

    the left must be crushed, defeated reduced to a foot note in history books.

    give it a few years and they will promote pedophilia, which their allies – muslims – also agree with.

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      1. In a generation the goyim who were too smart to fall for this will wipe out the children of those who did and, more importantly, the children of those who pushed it on us.


      2. Nothing in that ad is about furniture or home accessories or other stuff Ikea wants us to buy, it is about one thing and one thing only; encouraging women to fvck with non-whites so the white race can be replaced.

        the entire budget in that ad was used to make an anti white or more precisely and anti-white male message.

        Here is what white liberals don’t understand; That everything pro-diversity and pro-race mixing is always directed at whites and at replacing the white race.

        it is a soft genocide but a genocide none the less and those tv ads encourage that genocide

        they would make tv ads in which colored people and white women are hanging white males from trees and it would not be that much more shocking.

        If there is still a white race hundreds or thousands of years from now, historians will look at this age and shake their head in disbelief…why is a race trying to wipe itself off the planet, why are tens of millions of whites happy to kill their own race and angry that some whites are refusing to participate in the collective suicide?

        I’m shaking my head in disbelief!!

        what the fvck is going on? why are whites spending millions of dollars promoting the suicide of their own race?

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      3. and it is making sex with non-white men look very very appealing to women, the goal is to make women badly want to have sex with non-white men

        so women will have non-white babies

        and the white race will be replaced

        Ikea in that ad is not trying to sell furniture or pots and pans, they are selling a race replacement program, they are promoting a soft genocide.

        we are a hair trigger from tipping point, this madness is a hair trigger from having reached its peak, someone somewhere is about to blow a fuse and start pushing back damn hard

        maybe hordes of breiviks or something else I have no idea, but this can not go on forever.

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      4. “If there is still a white race hundreds or thousands of years from now”

        In my more contemplative moments, I wonder if Whites may have some ingrained urge to play Jesus Christ, on a civilizational scale, in real life. To make the ultimate sacrifice.


  2. Don’t overlook the paper airplane in the girl’s hand; she breaking down gender stereotypes all by her little self. I’m surprised the boy doesn’t have a sparkly My Little Pony.


  3. Scott looks completely exhausted. Two live births in close succesion must have been very taxing for his womb. Not to mention breastfeeding that followed.

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  4. I’m more curious as to how they got those twins…did they adopt?…surrogate mother? I wonder if there’s ever been a time when a woman has said she wanted her kids back from a couple of fags and what kind of legal mess that would create.

    Which side would the feminazi’s take? Would they explode at the thought of such an occurrence?


    1. “Which side would the feminazi‚Äôs take?” They’d really only have a problem if it was a lesbian couple. Gay males are still men, so at best can be only “allies” (meaning: “subordinates”), and thus blithely discarded as the need arises.

      It still be fun to watch the mental gyrations and vicious infighting. I’m positive at least one person will suggest “let the kids decide”, since they can already decide what sort of gender derangement they want live in.


    1. Yep. Let us help Marriott follow Target into the scrap heap of Chapter 11.

      I do wonder how long it will take for Corporate Boards to finally buy a clue and eject the active SJW-ism in their firms’ executive suites. Sooner or later it will be difficult to ignore the correlation between using the firm as a Social Justice Tool and a collapse in business.


  5. America is done. I live in New Zealand – first county to legalise gay marriage – but even we don’t promote it like it’s normal, or heaven forbid, desirable. To quote the Simpsons “won’t somebody think of the children”. I am a straight, white, married, Christian male. Damn.


  6. “Love”?


    Insanity. Sickness. Tragedy…


    But all the real bad stuff happens many years down the road, and who really cares about the lives of two adopted kids when fags can be happy playing dress up and sharing professional photos on social media?


  7. Playing my adoptee card here (no Diversity Pokemon Points, though, I’m WASP through and through), I sincerely look forward to seeing anyone who backed Gay Adoption of infants put in a pressure cooker, a wood chipper or similar appliance.

    Once the phase change arrives, I’ll probably have to stand in line to volunteer to operate the on-switch.

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  8. Pretty soon there’s going to be some #FakeAchievement identifier in which they get to wear badges to indicate how far up the leftist rabbithole they’ve gone. Sort of like Scout merit badges, but for really annoying people.


  9. Even though the photo is peopled by only models (real fags would have bought more melanistic accoutrements for maximum Edge)…

    …those poor children. This sort of thing makes my gorge rise.

    As it is designed to do. (((cultporn))) has always been designed to sicken and degrade, then when the slap comes (“Whaddaya mean? That’s BEAUTIFUL, goy!”), confuse.

    PsyOp first and foremost.

    Using children as pawns.

    “After the twins were born”–good gods. Wrong at so many levels. Fuck you, Marriott. Fuck you.

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  10. (I tried my best at a parody…hope it’s at least workable):

    Love is in the air… we are weirdos who have fun…
    Love is in the air… in front of a death squad…
    We’re faggots and you know it…
    Don’t know if we are being wise…
    But we also don’t give a shite…
    Our kids won’t be doctors nor spies…

    Love is in the air… like an awful disease…
    Love is in the air… it’s a social malady…
    And we know we are deranged…
    We don’t know how to be sane…
    But there’s something we must believe in…
    And it’s that we’re batshit insane…

    Love is in the air…
    Love is in the air… noooooooooooooooooo!!

    Love is in the air… in front of a gun…
    Love is in the air… we just bought a preggo mom…
    She sold us all her children…
    Don’t know if she cares…
    But there’s something we must believe in…
    Our children will be batshit insane…

    Love is in the air… at a point of a gun…
    Love is in the air… in front of a death squad…
    We were faggots and you knew it…
    Don’t know if we were wise…
    But there was something that we should have believed…
    And was that we were going to die…

    Love is in the air…
    Love is in the air… nooooooooooooooooooooo!

    Oh, love was in the air…
    Love was in the air…


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