Clinton PR Machine

More than Hillary Clinton lost. Bezos’s personal blog lost, too. As well as all the other leftoid media shills acting as propaganda arms for the Anti-White Party. We should be thankful to Trump for so much more than the border wall.



  1. When you think about it, it was an astonishing accomplishment for Hillary to lose the election. She had more money than she could spend, a political history, a spouse who is the most-admired living former President, and the support of the media, academia, Silicon Valley, and Hollywood.

    Trump had the Republican Party – one third of which actively campaigned against him, right up til election day.

    You would think the Democrats would reflect upon why they lost so spectacularly, and come up with some new strategies, but they seem determined to double down on what caused them to lose in the first place – identity politics, and victim mentality. I wonder if any of them will come to there senses before 2020?


  2. “Thousands are stranded” as “nations backtrack on pledges” to take in a flood of useless human-shaped refuse that will never contribute 1/10th of the value they suck out of their ‘hosts’.


  3. Look at that nice black family — don’t they look like the kind of people you want to subsidize? — the kids are verified future rocket scientists.


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