When The Signal Is The Noise


Source. The White baby is wondering how long he has before ‘lil Trayvon over there busts a cap in his ass.

Note that this is the header image on a blog about baby stuff that looks like it is targeted 100% at a White mother reading audience. Tells you everything you need to know about our decaying culture.



    1. Truly she is telling it like it is…the right of the political spectrum embraces beauty and all it represents while the left embraces all that is ugly, polluted, and twisted. Besides it would be a bit fun to twist the narrative and describe to her that FAT is not environmentally sustainable. Do you think the bearings on the hamster wheel would burst into fire once she processes that information???


    2. “Fat is not a bad word.”

      Neither is diabetes or hypertension or osteoarthritis or stroke… I suppose. But then again… words don’t hurt you, sweetie. Diseases do.

      1) Inside stuffed with cheap carbohydrates… check.

      2) Outside marred with ink… check.

      3) Parroting mindless slogan via placard… check.

      Excellent, goyim. Excellent! You get an A!


  1. The white baby is wondering when he is going to be indoctrinated into the christian world of cuckoldry pornography. Jews know that stupid goys love the idea of homosexual subservience to the superior black races.


  2. A society that can’t protect its children has no future. A society that willfully sacrifices its children for the sake of deviant political ideology deserves destruction by fire.

    Those who believe in a just God tremble.


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