Meet the Peacockers




  1. That is like watching an accident happen in slow motion…give it a few years and those white parents will deeply regret what they did…

    The United Nations tells us – in fact WARNS us – the population of Africa is growing at an alarming rate, and that the white race is shrinking… yet those imbeciles adopt black kids…that is the equivalent of drilling holes in the bottom of the Titanic after you learn it just hit an iceberg and will sink within the next few hours.

    in this day and age adopting black kids is helping a slow genocide against the white race.

    it is mathematical, not emotional.


  2. I still think MG got this one right rather recently. Goodwhites now feel it their duty to take on the White Man’s Burden yet again, because underneath their “Everybody’s Equal” skin is a race-realist who knows that Black Junior is better off being raised by YT.

    HBD awareness is growing. It is the central belief replacing the Cult of Homogeneous Holy Diversity, and is THE idea whose time has come. The temperature of the water is dropping; 32 deg F can’t be far away.


    1. Woah…great stuff at the link…so many facts! yet many liberals will deny those facts and insist all races are equal and will keep believing crazy stuff that is the opposite of reality.

      most liberals have mental problems, how else can one explain that they reject reality and do all sorts of very irrational stuff like forgive the colored savage who disfigured them?


  3. Hmm. . .she’s leaning away from him; he’s trying to get close to her.

    She’s got the two niglets on her lap, ashamed of her own White kids. No one is embracing the seed of their very loins.

    Junior’s trying to include himself, holding onto mom’s leg. Little Missy is disgusted to be next to anyone, cradling herself for protection.

    Damn parents just fucked up four kids and two of them are their very own. Disgusting.

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    1. Body language says a lot. I have been married to my husband for almost 20 years and you wouldn’t be able to find a picture that has me leaning away from him.

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