Mongrelize to feel alive

Kind of a funny juxtaposition between the cover photo and the “Community natural foods” ad beneath it.



  1. I realize I’m not the target audience here, but surely I’m not the only one who finds that picture more disturbing than heart-warming. Is the one on his back the baby daddy or another kid? If it’s the latter, that’s super creepy. The other one’s already sitting on her neck like a jockey and holding her hair, so the creepy bar was already pretty high.


  2. Most other races of men would have the implicit assumption that their women are training yoga specifically to look good for them. I suppose the fact that my women are advertised as the implicit sexual amusements of every other race of men but mine is just one of muh huwhite privileges. BTW, it just so happens that slapping your woman’s ass and nicknaming it your white privilege is a nuclear level act of sexual race warfare. Do it today and countersignal this cuck shit with minimal effort and maximal tingles.


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