1. Every damn ad.
    Every damn commercial.
    Every damn movie.
    Every damn show.

    Even history is revised. (((Hamilton))), Hidden Figures, Re-branded classics etc…

    When in any company of friends I always call that shit out.

    It used to be I was a raysisss but now the shrieks are far less common and people are more agreeable.

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  2. I live in a small city that is 87% white, 7.5% Indian (prairie variety), and 0.5% black. Yet every poster ad in the local stores shows blacks. Not even the odd Asian for variety; it’s black families, black guys grinning at you from every wall, mostly-black women on cosmetics ads.

    Even in the small local theater, the area businesses that bought ad space before the movies apparently hired all of the approximately 20 black people in this county to serve as models; while the pre-movie ads feature more whites than the static posters, at least 50% of the people are as brown as my wife’s leather purse, or darker, in an area swarming with white folk. Out of the whites shown, about 80% are women and half of the rest look as gay as Liberace,

    It’s really quite bizarre that the LOCAL businesses, in addition to the chains, use this kind of ad out in the middle of gun-toting redneck flyover country.


    1. Be careful..

      That is simply training the folks of small town USA to more readily accept browns/blacks for one reason: When the government starts to move refugees in as well as giving the down trodden brother section 8 housing you accept it more readily.

      This type of stuff is not simply ad space it is propaganda. This stuff happens for a reason.


  3. I passed a store window in Moscow (yes the big city in Russia). While it didn’t have a mixed race couple (yet) there was a photo of a mulatto child modeling clothes. But even my father, who has a mixed race great granddaughter, has noted how many ads show mixed race couples.

    The advocacy of miscegenation, especially black man, white woman, is oppressive.

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  4. Note the obligatory blue jeans with the obligatory torn-out knee. That seems to be the uniform of stupid white cucks, along with the ubiquitous ball caps, sport jerseys and/or flannel shirts (unbloused), Nike shoes, flip-flops, etc. Sort of like having a bumper sticker on one’s car saying. “I’m Proud To Be A Race-Cuckold”.


  5. Why all the pandering to people who have no money due to the ciswhiteheteronormativepatriarchy and their own lack of privilege?

    As for this specific ad, is that woman white? She looks Asian to me.


    1. At a minimum, she’s white-hispanic. Hair looks too light to be Chinesian.
      If she’s not obviously-black, it’s an ad for bestiality.


  6. Bob Liodice is the president and chief executive of the Association of National Advertisers (ANA), an organization that represents thousands of brands. In an Al Jazeera article (of all places), this dickhead pointed out that there will always be people who take issue with ads that deviate from what is perceived as “traditional”. Liodice further noted that major companies aren’t interested in advertising to “the America of yesterday” [a/k/a, straight and White]. They want to reach the younger demographic — the people who will be buying their brand for 15 to 20 years. Younger people are far less judgmental, according to Liodice. “It also doesn’t hurt that America is projected to get browner, the article noted. “That is the modern family”, Liodice noted. “It’s a family of color, of diversity, of sexual orientation diversity.”


    Oh, and of course, this asshole is located in New York City.

    About the ANA: ” Founded in 1910, ANA’s membership includes more than 1,000 companies with 15,000 brands that collectively spend or support more than $250 billion in marketing and advertising annually.” (from its website)

    Look at this “who’s who” list of membership, and you can see why they are all on the ‘diversity in advertisements’ bandwagon, with the above-noted cuck giving them his sage advise.



    1. “the younger demographic — the people who will be buying their brand for 15 to 20 years.”

      If the current economic trends are anything to go by, the only “brands” those young people will be buying for the next 15 to 20 years will be ramen noodles and thrift store clothes.


      1. Well hopefully the people who run the sweatshops, brothels, and lithium-ion mines they are forced to work in will provide them with a hearty meal of gruel after their 18 hour shift, so they have the nutrients and energy to make it thru until the next one.


    1. I have not shopped at Target in 15 years precisely because of this. Target was at the forefront of the Sunday paper advertisements to have interracial images (starting slow with the now-more-common black boy White girl images).


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