Tax exempt cuckery


ratlick explains,

I asked about these people. They are fertile but chose degeneracy. Notice his legs, they are always pushed together like that.

Congregation of main church is probably ~90% white. I have seen other couples adopting indian kids.

If we got rid of tax exemption and let political issues be discussed this shit would stop.

The wife is cute, but she’s running roughshod over her low-T gayfaced husband. I suspect these hot wives of cucked hubbies sublimate their secret raging clit boners for masculine alphas through the adoption of mocha chips. It’s next to Godliness!


  1. Interracial Adoption Shaming needs to become a thing.

    My best friend’s older brother and his wife are now posting on FB how excited they are to add some Curried Untouchable to their family. They have 3 or 4 healthy children of Germanic descent already, and why they need to add a Vindilooter is only out of Churchian reasoning and self-righteousness.

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    1. “Interracial Adoption Shaming needs to become a thing.”

      Blacks actually hate whites adopting black kids too. We need to make common cause with them, or at least, oh, put Black Twitter in touch with these people.

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  2. I can tell this grinning shit face didn’t have to bed his wife to get this little shitskin. Must be very relieved he didn’t have to act like a man between her legs.


    1. I was thinking the same thing.

      Like CH said, she’s not bad looking and for the right guy, would improve herself and shore up a half point, point at the most.


      1. What annoys me is that she married that closet case in the first case. It appalls me. It’s like an alpha marrying a landwhale (which is, admittedly, common in the military).


  3. The husband is the result of a strict religious upbringing, and definitely spent a few summers at a gay conversion summer camp. This is his subliminal fuck you to his parents.

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  4. You want to stop this its easy and doesn’t require the government. Your pet smells. Gee it almost seems human. Did you call the cops and tell them you found that wandering around? What if the mother is still around?


  5. What amazingly wonderful people!!!!

    So much God and love and godly love and lovely godly lovey love love love!!!!

    … and the $500-$1000 for the professional photo shoot commemorating how utterly phenomenal they both are would be a bargain at twice the price.


  6. She’s just/still a small child, but I gotta say like most black kids she oozes stupidity — how people can claim they are anything like us is beyond me — when people say a black kid is cute I remain silent but inside I am going ‘wtf?!’ — why any white couple would want to adopt such a foreign genome I cannot imagine.


  7. And one more thing: the husband is a beta faggot — it is the job of a man to outright forbid or at worst talk a woman out of something as stupid and hideous as this — or leave her if none of the above works — to stay and enthusiastically participate means he is consciously sacrificing the respect of other men — no man can afford to do that — and no man needs a woman who would conscience it.


  8. At least they adopted a girl. I hate hate hate the SWPL types who adopt black boys and then have White children of their own. Evil.


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