No Man’s Artistic Talent


Female artists all seem to focus their works on the female body. For a slice of the female demographic that hates objectification, they sure have a weird way of expressing their resentment.

I once dated a daffy feminist chick who dabbled in photography. All her photos were artsy close-ups of her tits, hips, and mons pubis. Message received: It’s fun to objectify the sexy, naked bodies of young, fit women!


    1. Yup, cannot fight, let alone change, nature. It is what it is.

      Yet they keep going against the grain and that’s why they’re all so batshit crazy.


  1. I once dated said artsy chick. All her photos were either her nude mother…or bovine organs. Praise kek i couldnt find my own dick, much lesa a clitoris, at that age.


  2. But wait… look at what it says: “Women Artists from the Rubell Family Collection”… It means that SOMEONE, SOMEWHERE has a collection entirely dedicated to THAT.

    My mind is full of fuck.


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