Truth in advertising



    1. Plecostomus are far more appealing, harmless, and pleasant little creatures than anything this abomination was ever related to. They also work hard to clean up the aquarium environment.

      I just duckducked “ugliest mammal” images and found nothing nearly so repellent.

      That photo shows a face of degeneracy, insanity, and threat. Even has the Psycho Eyes thing of the sclera showing under the irises.


  1. A mentally well person would see the Sanpaku eyes and say, “Don’t publish that pic, he looks crazy in it!”

    A shitlib sees nothing unusual, only a reflection of how it feels inside when talking down to an intolerant.


    1. Wow – these @ssholes kill a defenseless animal and then beat up a vet. Put them in a catapult and throw them into the middle of the Everglades. Let’s see how tough they are when they have to fight alligators instead of turtles.


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