Hearth and homie


So may unhappy grandparents in Diversity-America. Maybe these old Boomers should’ve thought twice before giving away the farm?

ps nice to see the rev jesse jackson had a place to stay over the holidays.


  1. At this point an ELE meteor or Yellowstone eruption would be a blessing. Maybe its a good thing Hunter S Thompson died in 2005 so he did not have to see a world more twisted and demented than what he conceived in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (1971 for anyone who’s interested).


    1. Thompson was one of the fucking degenerates responsible for this current world. He was a hard core, rabid liberal negrophile and did his bit to make drugged out stupidity look cool to impressionable young people.

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      1. Absolutely agree. And he was born in 1937. A genetic miscue of the first water as attested by everything he did, said, and thought. Never understood how any trads or Rxers or alt-righters could admire him.


      2. https://www.thenation.com/article/this-political-theorist-predicted-the-rise-of-trumpism-his-name-was-hunter-s-thompson/

        Read this. At least he could accurately predict events. I think he had some lefty/commie sympathies, but who didn’t back then. Everything goes in cycles. The article I linked explains how when he was hanging with the Angels, he could see the rise of the people forgotten by the changing liberal American society. He also called out the Berkeley liberals for thinking that they represented the downtrodden when in reality they were completely oblivious in their own little bubble. I have read much of his work, and would ascribe to him a slightly left leaning libertarian philosophy, regardless of whether he would agree with that or not. For instance, his favorite pasttime was blowing off guns at his isolated Colorado ranch. He was not THAT pozzed. The politicians he really hated were the ones we would today call the neocons, or neocohens. They are not “liberals” per se but they are also NOT our friends. He loved the idea of actual freedom. I would consider him more of a victim like us of rampant post-WWII poz and communist brainwashing, but not exactly someone “responsible” for it. I hope I don’t sound like I am defending him just because I enjoy his good writing. I genuinely feel that he would be disgusted by the modern liberal numales. He wasn’t afraid of getting the real stories, even if it meant danger. He had some balls. Its time we learned to respect guys like him again, who just went out and fucking did what they wanted to do. Also, he always had a desire to kind of speak truth to power. I sincerely hope that the rise of Trump inspires white men to new, individualistic greatness (I quit smoking cigs by his example), instead of making them into bootlicking zogbots. IF TRUMP TAKES US TO WAR AGAINST IRAN, THEN HE IS NO BETTER THAN ANY JEW DEMOCRAT. ALL MODERN WARS ARE BANKER/JEW WARS.


  2. Yes, they sure did give away the farm. Stupid assholes. Blind and stupid. And more importantly — unforgivable — those willful, kumbaya-singing baby boomers did something that is destroying an entire race of people. But who cares, other than a few people that don’t want their folk to die off? Those racists, if they weren’t such evil racists they would be happy to die off, treason to whiteness is loyalty to humanity!! LOL. UNBELIEVABLE!


    1. This elder woman shoved off to the side of her own hearth isn’t a Boomer. She looks like she’s in her 80s–Hunter S. Thompson’s generation.

      You are part of the problem: you can so easily be roused into hatred of other whites.

      Baby Boomers were part of a mass psyop in the 1950s and 1960s. If you want to learn more about it Google

      Woodstock concert Jews

      Then run the Echo Detector on everyone involved in that. The promoters, the advertisers, the “musicians.”

      Wake the fuck up. The Baby Boomers never existed. It was a crudely cobbled advertising and marketing category resulting from the desire to monetarize and undermine the existence of all the white kids being born after 1945. Later it became a way to clump and demonize tens of millions of whites (((in order to defeat them))) in the cultural and demographic cold war.

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  3. at first i wasn’t even sure who the Nig was supposed to be with. i mean, he’s kind of standing “leaning in” on the shitlord? and there’s no mulatto kids? so maybe he’s a leather boi on the down low???

    and then i notice the chicky in center front has her arm wrapped possessively around the shitlord’s calf in the properly subservient position of chattel. put her in a Princess Leia bikini and she’d be perfect. so, probably not?

    oh. single mother, stage right with two kids ( other boy child may be hers as well ). daughter is so white that her hair is pale blonde. BlingBoi is what she picked up as a BetaProvider after she kicked the Father to the curb.

    and there is SO LITTLE connection between them, you can’t even tell they’re associated from body language.


  4. Not to be rayciss, but…statistically speaking, the black boyfriends of white single moms may sometimes be beta, but they rarely provide. Statistically speaking, he is about 8 times more likely to impregnate her and split than to marry her or adopt her kids.


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