1. You appear to have reacted as calculated. You looked at the virtue-whoring parent(s).

      Look instead at the couple’s apparently genetically shared white daughter.

      She is way on the outside of this. In nobody’s arms. Leaning in and grasping the mat of human flotsam with her own little right arm as unto a lifeboat. Dressed in a brightly colored garment covered with the sexual organs of plants.

      That, gentlemen, should make you want to reach for the elastrator and the BMG. Not for compassion. These people are extinguishing their own ancestors in worship of others’ and sacrificing their children to Moloch.

      Even if he were in pain–which I don’t see–that brings him closer to his treed rabbi. This guy has cucked himself into 57 varieties of virtue.

      That’s a major point and goal of white male domestication by those Mediterranean memes. To make Northern men wallow in their pain and take pleasure in it. While smilingly submitting to their own destruction in the name of “something higher.”


  1. He has the same face of a man who’s wife keeps bringing home stray cats. He wants to tell her to stop collecting cats, but can’t because her father still pays their mortgage.


  2. Wow, they are so virtuous…They must be the holiest people in their church, only eclipsed by the saintly couple who adopted the same number of r̶e̶t̶a̶r̶d̶e̶d̶ special needs niglets.


  3. The wife looks as crazy as a shithouse rat while the husband has the look of a guy tasked with handling nitroglycerin (the wife) while having a nasty case of rectal itching combined with explosive diarrhea. I feel sorry for the white children…they will have to fight every day of their lives until they are old enough to depart that freak show.

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