The Period On Western Civilization


“Yogi dressed in white powerfully defies period shame on Instagram.”

Who knew menstruating women in Western countries were regularly shamed by jeering crowds in public spectacles? You learn something new every day thanks to the tireless work of feminists to enlighten the world.


  1. I said something about demon possession in a Chateau post a few days back. It’s literally the only explanation I can think of for things like this.

    Would she stop wiping and proudly display skid marks? That’s essentially the same thing.


  2. Beauty shaming… fuck that! Cut your hair short and dye it an unnatural color. Stop shaving your legs and arm pits. Pierce your body and face and fill them full of metal. Eat junk, stop exercising and get fat.
    Cover your corpulent carcass with tattoos.

    …and now…period shaming(?). Fuck that! Menstruate through your clothing.

    Seriously, what is next? Urination and defecation shaming? A month from now will these crazy bitches be pissing and shitting themselves and proudly posting it on instagram to strike a blow against the patriarchy?



  3. And just because she can’t have a period all the year round to draw attention, she’s covered her arms in ugly tats to fill in the gap. Because nothing sticks it to the patriarchy like imitating sailors and convicts.


  4. While she is doing whatever she is doing (virtue signaling??) I will be enjoying my peace and quiet (female exclusion zone), smoking my pipe (Captain Black tobacco) and drinking a fine alcoholic beverage (Virginia Gentleman Whiskey). Who do you think is enjoying themselves more?


  5. Her tattoos are a indication that she’s troubled, the horizontal scars on her covered leg whisper damaged goods, and her numerous Instagram videos seeking attention and validation shouts that she’s “For Sale”.


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