1. Here is what that man needs to hear;

    Men who are feminists are pussies, but that type of pussy can not be grabbed.

    it is a figurative pussy.

    but a pussy no less.

    yes I am saying you ARE a pussy.

    A PUSSY.

    And acting like a pussy in front of your children will only make them confused, ashamed of you and they will become dysfunctional messed up adults.

    Now grab that you idiot!


  2. Female social media and female nature is really rubbing off on beta men..
    Virtue signalling. check
    Attention whoring. check
    Family status signalling. check
    Validation. check
    ‘Wonderful’ spouse missing in pic. check

    Imagine the best pic of an instagram HB9 in a very sexy outfit. This is the beta shitlibs attempt at the equivalent. The alpha of the world of weak betas. Fishing for Insol orbiters?


  3. His son is embarrassed. He knows none of what his dad is doing is right. In fact, he knows that whole march is full of batshit craziness. He might not have the wherewithal to state as such, but he knows.

    Children are closer to God and thus, their purity allows them to know when shit’s whack.


    1. That boy will either swallow the red pill at 12, and become a shitlord, or swallow a cock at 15. In that family, it’s going to be one extreme or the other I’m afraid.

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      1. And with that you’ve described precisely why the upcoming generation (aptly and ominously named generation z for the time being) is and will be comprised of either extreme left don’t transtifa or glorious maul right shitlords. There will be no middle ground.


  4. What the hell would compel a father to behave like this?

    Nonsense like this seems trivial on the surface but this is exactly the kind of thing that confirms my belief that we are headed toward mass civil unrest in this country. We have two groups of people who are simply talking past one another at this point. There is just no way I will ever understand a person like this nor do I even want to and I guarantee he feels exactly the same about me.

    Where do you go from there when they’ve made secession impossible but nevertheless want you and those like you gone? I don’t wish it but I fail to see how this situation resolves itself in any way other than violence.

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    1. “What the hell would compel a father to behave like this?”

      He is trying to virtue signal to his wife who obviously wears the pants in the household and is probably the main income earner, that he is open to and understands the female plight that they face under the male patriarchy created world, and he’s not going to raise his son to see gender, but to understand that women aren’t his equals, but his superiors.
      His subconscious ulterior motive though is to impress his wife enough with his SJW empathy so she will give him a half hearted handjob (maybe even spit on it) as a reward for his feigned moral outrage.

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  5. I wanna father his third child so he’ll be too busy raising my spawn to keep polluting our public walkways. With a cucksmile like that, I’ll bet his wife is dtf pretty much anyone else.

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    1. At least guys used to be pussy-whipped by feminine, 115 pound women with long hair and high-pitched voices who took pride in draining their man’s ball every night. Hell, there is nothing better than that; being kept in a state of sexual satisfaction by a long-haired minx. Fine. I’ll take the garbage out for her any day. Take her shopping for curtains just to watch her teeter around on her high heels. Sign me up.

      But that’s not what’s happening today. The problem now is that guys get pussy-whipped by a 180 pound half-man who has bullied them into submission with the gov’t at their back, not through sex or feminine allure whatsoever.


  6. He’s attention whoring with a sign asking President Donald Trump to make a pass at him as a female.

    But pretending it’s something else.

    The little girl gets it. She already looks a bit sly and victorious (and I don’t mean that in a vile way, but a main purpose of these events is to destroy girls’ innocence).

    The little boy gets it. He looks sick, ashamed, and defeated (a main purpose of these events is to destroy boys’ purity and confidence).

    “Satanic” is too mild a word for this.


  7. On a ‘lighter’ note, the 300# pussy-hat staring at the line in the “Hot Menu” restaurant in the background gave me some chuckles. I can see the frown on her face even with her back turned. Pussy marching, even with a clam that hasn’t tasted cock since Uncle Bill the Freemason showed her a magic trick when she was 13, builds up an appetite. That’s more than she’s moved all month (other than her bowels, that is).


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