1. Where on earth that did white-looking boy come from? Did “Dad” father him with a white woman and then do some subsequent oil-drilling to produce the Mulatto? The message here is getting so strange I wonder if even the ad agency can figure it out!


  2. holy shit, a White dude with a nigger chick?

    more seriously, i have noticed that they’re starting to implement a LOT more “non-standard” miscegenation scenarios. i think they were starting to take too much heat for always being nigger buck + white slut.


    1. Was it a recent Walmart(?) commercial where you see a Asian guy cooking in a kitchen, then shows 2 mixed nappy headed kids, and ends with black mom bringing home the missing ingredients.


  3. Every one of my kids will be shooting, boxing, and/or wrestling at some point in their developments. They won’t like me for it, but they may have occasions to thank me if this shit continues.

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  4. she probably high Aryan content mix with melanesian/paleobindi (melanin-rich). very Aryan face structure, fo sho.
    she’s not your standard negress, by far. even if negress, lotsa slav blood in her vein (proly multiple gifts from turks to some negro vassals)


  5. I’d love to see the family on the left hunt the family on the right! Good clean fun, for the whole family.

    Most Dangerous Game Rape!


  6. I’m a blue eyed guy of 99% northern European decent. My wife is a dark-skinned Latina, almost as dark as the woman in the Old Navy ad (forgive me, I’d never heard of, yet alone thought about, the miscegenation thing before I met her, plus she’s a good girl, never gives me any problems). I got a lot of shit on alt-right sites before our daughter was born about how she wouldn’t look like me, but she’s actually more fair-skinned than I am. Everyone is pleasantly amazed down here in my wife’s country and there’s no end to the “que blanquita” and “no tiene nada de indio” complements, or complements on the prowess of my genetics. So, it does happen.

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  7. Ad Exec: So let’s get a black woman. But not like, ugly black. Nice black. And the daughter can be fully white so it looks like the black woman took in this single white loser dad. The kid should be kind of caramel so it be just hers or the white guy could be involved.


  8. This is one of those cases where the leftist propaganda serves us. It’s similar in that respect to HuffPo’s attack video on Steve Bannon. The family on the left is beautiful, clean, joyous and energetic, and I think people will see that. This ad is also a reminder not to buy from Old Navy.


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