1. Imagine the outrage if this comment had been directed at a photo of a black woman with a black baby. On second thought, there are no high earning black women.

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    1. It would make sublime sense to have this financial analysis of low- to no-earning black women with black babies.

      But that would be “eugenics.” And racist.


    1. The stock mother/baby pic has but the follow-up tweets remain:
      Brian Kaplan ‏@brianckaplan 16h16 hours ago

      @YahooFinance What an incredibly evil message. You should repent, turn to Christ, and ask for God’s forgiveness.
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      GoldenSack ‏@goldensack 4 Dec 2016

      @YahooFinance Save your money and abort it. Nice advice… βœŒπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ
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      Patrick ‏@patrickflynnart 18h18 hours ago

      @YahooFinance So you’re actually Pro-YOUR-Choice. Got it. Yahoo sucks for myriad reasons. You are one of them.
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      theGambler ‏@TimmyHtown 4 Dec 2016

      @YahooFinance mellinials
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      pablo grossi ‏@pablogrossi 4 Dec 2016

      @YahooFinance seriously trying to put a price on having a baby is deplorable. It’s the single most significant experience in a mother’s life

      Just remember who the CEO of yahoo is: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marissa_Mayer
      Which is why yahoo is the Kmart of online portals. And both will be toast in two years.


  2. But all you vibrant black, asian, and hispanic women, you have all the kids you want.

    After all, Whitey will pay for it!


    1. Too bad, Laguna Beach Phony, that you aren’t contributing to the white gene pool by siring offspring. Then you could tell your kids how Vox Day banned you after you punked him out.

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  3. Hahahaha

    Holy shit. You can’t make this stuff up.

    Of course a much smarter idea is to lock your money up with (((Wall Street))) for 40 years (penalties for early withdrawal, goy) so you can retire sort of comfortably after taxes…and then die.

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    1. Great. Now white girls can get paid to fuck googles. Just wait until word of this gets out. At this point it will be white men that will have to destroy this whole system if we want our kids to even be able to live on this earth.

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    2. What a shame. Allie’s dad owns a sporting goods store that has been around since 1909. The leftists will work full-time over the next few days to kill this family business.

      Allie is a typical attention-whoring leftist. We’ll see her in a few months on IG sporting a black eye or bragging about her upcoming abortion. Maybe both.


  4. Regarding the Yahoo Finance post, this may be less conspiracy and more the kind of dialog striving white women respond to nowadays. All of that guilt to juggle a career and family, Yahoo is just giving them an out. My opinion on these types of images and mudsharking ads is not so much the media is trying to brainwash whites but are instead responding to the needs and desires of white Liberals as the writers themselves are very much like their constituents. Lets face it, in Liberal enclaves you do see mixed couples with their nappy haid offspring or know they someone in that situation, the advertisement media is just holding a mirror up to what is visible in certain circles of America.


  5. Jail for Justin!

    Is it really plausible that the leaders of dozens of White nations have adopted similar policies antithetical to the long-term survival of their own peoples, yet none of them knew what they are doing?


  6. If I wasn’t a trendy, tolerant anti-racist I might think this ad combined with the many ads of white women+non-white males is intentional. I might think that they want to see white birthrates decline even further. Good thing I’m not a racist and believe ethnocentrism is bad (only for my own ethnicity though).

    They don’t even try to hide their agenda anymore, do they? I guess when you realize that most whites despise their own culture, you don’t need subtlety.


  7. Just another illustration of the blatantly anti-life Theocracy running the 1st world.
    Don’t have babies, just have lots of hedonistic sex, and abort any carelessness.

    Zealots of this cult are NOT inheriting the Earth. Act accordingly.


  8. that moment when 20 year old comedy movies become modern investing advice:

    otherwise known as, “You can’t have a good White genocide if those damn Whites keep having children”.


  9. Can’t be too prepared, goy. You can wait a few years. Better get a nice portfolio put together and pay down that mortgage.

    As for you Jamal, I agree, where ARE da white bitches at?


  10. Asheville NC womynz March:
    Check this out on twatter. Look at the kids facial expression from being dragged out by his (almost certainly single) mom only to get ordered to take a picture with a literal 45 year old virgin. All so independent mom can get some thumbs up on her internet social media page. He’s going to be one of us fam.


  11. “Scott proposed to Kourtney,” a source advised Us on Feb. 8, incorporating that E! cameras were rolling when it all went down. “Not with a ring. the Kim Kardashian and Ray J’s movie http://wordplanes2.skyrock.com/3171302227-A-Kim-Kardashian-Porno-Motion-picture-We-all-Realized-It-may-Occur.html – find out. It turns out that Calvin Klein – you know, the guy who started Calvin Klein – is not genuinely a fan of some of the selections his group have manufactured all around marketing his product of late.


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