1. There are dog ladies too. I see women in their 40s on dating sites posting pics of them with their two or three dogs, many say their dogs are ” the love of their life”, some of them mention in their profile that their dog sleeps in their bed with them, some say that if they had to chose, the boyfriend would be out but the dog in, and so on and so forth.

    Then they wonder why they are single…

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    1. That’s because dog ladies are women who made the grave mistake of not settling down to have a family. All of their instinctive love and nurturing for children is wasted on their dogs. Then they blithely call themselves “child free” and claim they never wanted children in the first place. If they have dogs, you know they’re lying.


    2. I hate those (usually old enough to know better) women who put on their cutie voice to tell me how their little dog is “moi baybeee”.


    1. Cats are pure carnivores, not ominvores like dogs, bears, and humans are. This means they must eat meat; they will develop jaundice and die otherwise, because they cannot produce certain amino acids and must obtain them from meat. If this book really does contain vegan recipes for cats, it is effectively directing people to kill their pets.


      1. Well, I’m a Viking outlaw-hunter when it comes to people who commit animal cruelty (in contradistinction to apex predation, n.b.).

        But what makes you think that these badly socialized/bonded females are not in fact in the business of killing their pets?

        I can’t count the number of women I’ve known who have force-fed their kids the Bizarre Woo Diet du Jour…then as the kids languish and grow ill and get weird symptoms, Mommy mops up beaucoups Munchausen By Proxy points, taking the offspring to Holistic Healers and Specialists and Chakra Balancers and the like, starting new regimes of Healing Diet, buying all new kitchen appliances for the task….

        It’s like the classic Jewish mother who stuffs her knaydel boychik with pastries and candy…then obsesses over how to afford the best fat farm each summer.

        Keeping a carnivore for a pet and feeding it green beans (ugh, imagine the area around the litter box) seems deviously passive aggressive to me.


    1. But the question is, are they married to each other or are they brother and sister?

      Double shocking twists, she doesn’t own a cat:

      “She lives in Brooklyn, New York with a human and two dogs, who shall remain nameless”

      but he does:

      “he lives in Brooklyn, New York with his cat and two dogs”!

      Okay, it’s not remotely shocking.


  2. does no one else find it odd that this is a book written by a MARRIED COUPLE ( to be fair, she’s already got one foot out the door, what with that hyphenated last name ) for middle aged, single, bitter-bitches?

    i didn’t think middle aged bitter-bitches liked taking advice from men?


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