Rape Farm


I think State Farm deleted this tweet. What kind of degenerate anti-White psychos does State Farm employ?

A reader noticed the ring is facing the google, and that it looks like he’s stealing it from her.

Also, the girl looks about twelve. Promoting mudsharking and pedophilia in one tweet. Great idea, State Farm!


  1. Holy fuck.

    And that’s the first time in my life that I’ve said “Holy fuck”

    The visceral desire to respond with conspicuous violence is unusually strong in me.


  2. Also, what’s in the background?

    At first I thought it was a burning city. Further inspection reveals, perhaps, a hearth of candles.

    Going with my initial gut reaction on this one….


  3. Reviewed the photo again, trying to be objective. Conclusion: Foge, you’re so right. What cute young blonde with limitless options would lose her composure over a google proposing to her?


  4. This ad is tailored to SWPL chicks. Googles on aggregate aren’t investing in rings, wives, or anything else that takes longer than a day to build. It’s the female dream that IQ 75 men whose recent ancestors couldn’t invent the wheel would competently produce and provide for their low investment conquests.

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  5. Looks like Mohamed and his 9 year old “wife”. Seems like (((someone))) is trying to repackage and sell an ancient load of the same old anti-White BS.

    Never did business with State Farm and I damn sure won’t in the future. Let us see them prosper on nothing but irresponsible non-White retards.

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  6. Maybe he’s letting her know that he traded 2 months worth of EBT to his drug dealer at half price, to get the ring that a crackhead stole from Walmart and gave to the dealer for crack, so he can propose to her mudshark mother, and get her family to pay for another wedding, and maybe a do nothing job from his successful businessman father-in-law.


  7. It’ll be a few months before Corporate America starts fully reflecting the change in outlook towards “diversity”. This campaign was probably already in the can before the election result was in and was made with an expectation of continuance of the status quo. Business is nothing if not mercenary and change will come.

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    1. Looks like he’s offering the ring in lieu of cash after a quick pump-for-pay. She’s in t-shirt and shorts, unmade bed in the background, box wrong way around, his jeans with the hole in the knee . . . wait, maybe this would pass for a romantic proposal in his mind: “You wanna get married and shit?”


    2. Neat and stylish? He’s wearing faded blue jeans with one of the knees torn-out; but I guess that passes as “stylish” in niggerized America now.


  8. Reminds me of the sandwich joint I was at this Friday. Two sets of mudsharks: one older single mom with her dindu and a younger, pretty gal with her dindu. She lose serious SMP with her coalburning


  9. If indeed this was a State Farm ad, they just left my list of companies with which I would consider doing business. Promoting miscegenation and with a blonde girl who certainly appears to be below the age of consent. This is racial sickness on steroids!


  10. Just to be accurate: I’m a graphic designer and this is a stock photo. One of several in a series with these two models. I guarantee the person who designed this gave it minimal attention. He probably received a creative brief that read something like “xxxstatefarmcopy…digital campaign…photo of diverse couple marriage proposal”. He then searched istock or shutterstock, and this was one of the first images that appeared. It’s not a conspiracy, and It’s not like State Farm paid for a photoshoot.

    White men need to speak with their wallets and stop supporting this trash. Nobody complains about miscegination propaganda; whereas minorities can and do raise hell about things they don’t like. Put simply: corporations aren’t afraid of offending White men. They’ve been getting away with it for decades now. Focus energy on changing that.

    p.s. “diverse couple” as you may have guessed, means BM/WF when searching stock photos. personally, I use WM/AF whenever I receive this request (to the point that coworkers can tell what I’m doing) but you can’t expect that from most.


    1. I build experimental aircraft as do a lot of whites never have i met a black in this craft in fact black pilots are extremely rare, but this video is like about a dozen i have seen of african chimps attempting flight fortunately for them they never get off the ground


  11. I saw this ad a few days ago on the comments of another blog; I was hoping that you’d post it. This is total Jewish led White replacement crap. Yes, the girl is obviously underage, while the dindu is much older. Wake up White men and stand up for your people. This is happening in all White countries and only White countries.


  12. People who use the word “bling” …

    … are almost exclusively white and over 40. Everything — and I mean everything — about this tweet is so fucking played out and painfully lame, only an American corporation could be responsible.

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  13. Offering bling on a bed with apres-boning rumpled sheets and two Eggs Benedict that look like golden-aureoled tits.

    No manipulative Muh Dikk here, nothing to see, move along.

    While we’re on the topic of farming white girls, take a look at State Farm’s “leadership team.”

    “The State Farm mission…to help people manage the risks of everyday life, recover from the unexpected, …”



    Board of directors:


    THIS is who is peddling our daughters to groids.


  14. And breakfast in bed… Candles everywhere…? Every 14-year-old’s dream!

    Reminds me of the trend of white girls going on church mission trips to Haiti and ending up married to a Haitian and importing him in the following years after repeat visits. More typically it culls a fatty from the dating market here though, not a specimen as pictured.


  15. if Buzzfeed is to be believed, this is from a photo shoot by a Ukrainian photographer.

    does anyone know if Zinkevych is a Ukrainian surname … or ((( Ukrainian )))?


    1. Damn! You need some kind of warning before letting this show up on my screen. I know we have these bogus trigger warnings. But this is one case where it is warranted.


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