First, I’m getting strong gayface from this evangelicuck.

Second, you have to read the story behind the photo. It’s like finally discovering what Western Civ looks like when it hits rock bottom.

It’s bad enough to get unknowingly cucked by your wife. It’s worse to willingly acquiesce to your cuckoldry. It’s beyond our mortal comprehension to self-cuck so hard you sign a pact with your wife to have her implanted with three black embryos which she carries to term and births into your waiting arms, a dumb open-mouthed grin plastering your face.


  1. I started reading the “back story” and the more I read, the more I loathed his remarks… made it about 4 paragraphs before I decided he was just being “holier than thou” and clicked off… the pic of his “wife” man-spreading is priceless, though!

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  2. I know we need to increase the White birthrate, and this guy obviously isn’t helping on that front, but it’s hard to not approve of this guys genes being removed from the gene pool. I mean, there HAS to be a genetic component to this level of cuckiness, right?

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  3. That’s one helluva failed shit test. Damn!

    Her: you mind if we get black eggs in me instead of my own?
    Him: Sure, sure, whatever you want.
    Her: *dumb ass* Oh, honey thank you so much.
    Him: *I did good* Anything for you.

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  4. I look forward to the story where he dies in a car crash, and their buck neighbor Dontrelle moves in with the wife to help raise the keeds, because it’s the “Christian” thing to do.

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    1. IT IS ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING. I just don’t understand the endorphin rush SOME white couples get off of fuckin adopting niglets. Its super weird. Thanks to the MSM brainwashing whites into sinking themselves down to the levels of blacks, I suppose


  5. Not at all surprised. They’re Presbyterian Church in America (PCA), the most cucky of all the evangelical denominassions.

    This is the same sect that produced such notables as “theologian” R.C. Sproul Jr., who himself adopted a black child and promoted racemixing as the ideal for small town America. PCA “leaders” are a who’s-who of cuckservatism and colorblind “pro-life” oneworldist eschatology.


  6. What that white couple did, that is self mutilation.

    It is sign of mental problems.

    The difference with other types of self mutilation like say a girl who cuts herself, is that it is everyone else in the nation who gets stuck with the consequences; the 3 kids of which at least one will become a criminal and shoot someone, possibly a police officer, they will probably go on welfare, or to jail…

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  7. From the backstory article: “I can remember a friend going through the adoption process telling me he had always wanted his family to look like a little United Nations.”

    Why would any normal man want any such thing? It’s just an unnatural creepy fetish. I pity the children of these profoundly confused moral narcissists.

    This is not of God. Turning human beings into little worldly virtue trophies for their sick parents is evil. Nothing good will come of it.

    Will WaPo do a follow up story 17 years from now? You bet your ass they won’t because the lives of everyone involved with this sickness will be worse.


    1. Even the simplest minds, when unencumbered by modern PC psychobabble, can accept reality. And to his credit, Ali was a fair enough man to accept that white people (and brown, and yellow, etc.) should feel the same.


  8. That whole physiognomy thing is no BS. The chick in the article, and other women I’ve read about, plus a few churchian chicks I know that adopted some African dindus all have the same look, body type, and batshit crazy personalities. They tend to be thin, cute (on the lower end of the scale) but not pretty, and big eyes with crazy written all over them.

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  9. The only benefit to this story is that with those two for parents, those kids will fall in love with alcohol and drugs the first time they try them.


  10. This white couple, entrusted with traits that enabled them to function under democracy, hard work, and deferred gratification opt to pump out Savannah spawn evolved for tribal warfare and r-selected promiscuity (those are the ONLY traits of any societal importance in the third world). Because why? That gene set is having trouble proliferating? The woman hates herself and her husband that much? They have a fetish involving fucking up their whole lineage?


    1. According to the United Nation ( not according to an ugly evil ignorant stupid priviliged white racissss like me ) on this planet – right now – there are at least 10 times more non-whites than there are whites.

      On this planet – right now – non-whites have many more kids than whites do.

      most non whites nations have fast growing populations that will grow by BILLIONS in the next 50 years , while the white race does not have enough kids to even maintain its population at present numbers.

      The UN says the white races is shrinking ( well they use some other word fancier of course )

      any white person having mixed race kids or adopting non-white kids is committing an act of hate against the white race.

      they are adding another cut to the race that is dying by a thousand cuts.

      those whites are traitors to their own family – and a race is an extended family – who spit in the face of their ancestors.

      … … …


      I highly recommend this video by Pat Condel

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      1. A truly excellent video by Pat (among his other great ones). More attacks on Whites in Europe…the more public and violent the better, so that more and more libtard posing White trash feel the bite of DieVersity that they welcomed into their nations. Things so broad, so violent, that the media cannot cover it up. Keep it up Africans! Keep it up Muslims! Attack more, so that we can finally destroy you.

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  11. I am curious as to what % of our population (Whites, that is) has no natural inclination towards racial pride or exclusiveness. It seems that we have a significant % of race traitors (by active design or simply by passive uncaring neutrality).


  12. This is almost beyond belief. It’s bad enough when a man allows himself to be cuckolded. But for a woman to willingly undergo the hazards of pregnancy, (with triplets!!), and in the end to produce nothing of herself, reflects a racial self hatred so profound that the only response I can think of is, “Where’s a culture of honor killing when you need it?”

    I hope, although probably in vain, that the families of these two race traitors ostracize them.

    And yes, their virtue signalling will buy them a pack of troubles, which will become acute in about 12-13 years.


    1. “This is almost beyond belief. It’s bad enough when a man allows himself to be cuckolded. But for a woman to willingly undergo the hazards of pregnancy, (with triplets!!), and in the end to produce nothing of herself, reflects a racial self hatred so profound that the only response I can think of is, “Where’s a culture of honor killing when you need it?””

      Quoted for Truth.


    1. “Ayyy Ma-Ma I beez locked up again, da poleece arrest me fo’ drivin wit out a license, an say I haz a stolen gun and 5 kilos of coke in da car, but I wuz borrowin it from muh friend, I don’t know hiz last name or number, but he tolds me I can drive it. I dindu nuffin ma-ma, you needz to post my bail, it’s $10k”

      “Ok son, I know you wouldn’t do that, I’ll bail you out, but you have to promise to show up to court this time, the last time when we bailed you out you didn’t show up the bondsman took your father’s car and he had to take the bus to work for 6 months.”


  13. Like I said with the ”evangelical” couple that adopted a litter of niglets, if (when) he loses his job with GloboCorp in favor of an AA or H1b hire that family is going to be a trainwreck.
    The extended family will offer little or no help, and being White, neither will the government.
    Also, a few years down the road, reality will slap them upside the head with the fact that while she (and technology) gave birth to them, they ain’t really her (or his) kids.
    Not to mention the fact that family will start off in a deep financial hole due to the costs of ”reproductive tech” plus the neonatal ICU costs (note those breathing tubes).


    1. I know a beautiful white woman who has a mixed race son from a black man who quickly disappeared after the kid was born.

      She once told me that even though she loves her son, she is deeply annoyed that her son does not look like her at all, she told me he has NOTHING of her

      she has nice blue as the sky eyes, the son has dark brown eyes

      she has a cute small nose, he has a wide african nose

      she has beautiful kissable lips, he has thick african lips

      she has long flowing wavy dark blonde hair, his hair is like velcro

      she even told me his fingernails and his toes are not like hers, that she can not find one thing on him that reminds her of her

      ain’t that sad?

      stories like this – true stories like this- should be told by the mothers to other white women to warn them of what to expect.

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      1. Formerly beautiful. Now she’s ruined, and has an ugly, depraved soul. No good man will ever want her.


      2. a beautiful white woman

        I assume you mean physically attractive — but “beautiful”…?

        Charlize Theron and her ‘beautiful’ family:


  14. The best thing to do is ostracize these people from white society and make them interact with the minority cesspool they so deeply want to be in.
    There is a couple in my church who are very similar to this. They had two white kids, and then went on virtue signaling overdrive and adopted two of the darkest fucking Ethiopians you have ever seen, and 2 Chinese girls, one of which is severely handicapped and requires a walker to get around.
    Their biological daughter has gone lesbian, and their biological son has been relegated to a back row position in his own family. My wife told me the other day it breaks her heart to see him with his family because they are always pushing their multi-colored virtue signaling brood in front of them with that “look at what WE’RE doing” look on their faces, while their REAL son is trailing behind them, for all intents and purposes, forgotten.

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    1. That son will love drugs & alcohol as soon as he tries them. I know a few wrecked adults and they always come from families like that.


  15. These two are worshipping at a false cathedral built at least in part by their own religion.

    Which despises them and wants their seed destroyed.

    What IS this innovation in Churchianity? Total worship of the Holy(er Than Thou) Child?

    They clearly reject mother/of god or father god. “Mother” is an incubator for invaders’ seed, “father” is a preening wallet.

    Gene donors are distant (though probably will end up with more rights than these two). Doctor/medical team/insurance company are further entities cucking daddy.

    Who self-presents for photos with a studied perky expression…and an open mouth.

    And something dead in the eyes.

    Not only are mother and father erased, so are all previous generations of mothers and fathers whose choices and struggles gave these two so much…that they can throw it all away. Their church teaches this: family is not-family. Family is inferior to stranger. Shut up and fill the coffers.

    Is this Churchianity installing or exploiting Suicide Alleles?

    Nothing but Frankenembryos to be saved from being washed down the drain or buried with full military and civilian honors in Texas.

    To make a point–and just what is it exactly?–expressed with this gamete/zygote worship, this genetic dissociative disorder.


  16. Stories such as this, coupled with horrific immigration encouraged by Lutherans have caused me to abandon Christianity. It is a suicidal type of jew lite cultural abnegation. that if unchecked will mean the passing of our peoples.


    1. True – so true. I’m Lutheran and I know this. And as far as the Catholics are concerned, the Pope is betraying the church and its people.


    1. Look at her eyes! They are screaming ” Please! Help me! Get me a real man, a WHITE man who can impregnate me naturally!” … Sorry sister, that boat has sailed. You’re a race traitor and no self-respecting white man would want you.


  17. One good laugh out of this; clicking on the link to read the story, the Bezos Compost, owned by the soon-to-be richest man in the world, begging me for money to read their shit stories. Suck it, losers!


  18. Gosh he is one mentally-backwards Soy-Filled Low T beta cuck. he might be the BETA CUCKS of ALL BETA CUCKS. He literally let his wife take a black guys’ sperm out a sperm bank and Inject it in her. LIKE WHY?
    Obviously he is infertile, I assume? Which would not shock me because his face looks like he enjoys sucking Cock.
    If he’s SERIOUSLY LIKE INTERTILE AND CANT REPRODUCE AT ALL, then just adopt White Kids.. It’s utter cuckoldry for white couples to adopt little niglets, but this is ANOTHER LEVEL OF CUCK CUCK CUCKOLDRY.

    The only way I could be EVEN MORE Disgusted with this faggot is if he has the Potential to be fertile Or is fertile, yet just is having problems due to a Low sperm count or something. If that’s the case, then he could fix It by losing weight and getting a little healthier. I mean if he Is just too lazy to do certain things to get his sperm count Up and decided to allow this Shit, then he’s ABSOLUTELY A GONER and a closet fag. No doubt.

    Evangelicuck LEVEL 1000


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