1. Not really, since there are plenty of people who wear that medal already and are total scum and completely undeserving, unless of course the Presidential Medal of Freedom is a Medal for cowardice, murder, tyranny and corruption


  1. Oh the irony – a barely closeted gay man with a fake tranny wife and borrowed kids granting one of America’s highest honors to a lesbian for being a lesbian. That medal might as well come free in a box of Cracker Jacks.

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    1. You do realize that he wanted you to join in his mission of debasing a primary symbol of valor, right?

      The (((Dems))) don’t care whether you sneer at the medal for agreeing with them for debasing it, or sneer at the medal for disagreeing with how they debased it.

      The important thing is to drag you down to their sneery level.

      A flag burned does not debase all other flags. Quite the opposite.


      1. This is not the MOH and it is not a medal of valor, the Presidential Medal of Freedom is just a medal for the people of the elite, or their puppets that did well.


  2. As a non-American I don’t understand this photo, who is the male in the strange looking suit next to obama? and why is a medal being awarded?, thanks in advance


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