1. I have no idea what the context is, but it is entirely possible their new male boss made them wear that for that photo, and they did not have much choice.

    It does not mean all of them agree with the emasculating message.

    but as I said I do not know what the context is.


    1. The complacent smiles suggest otherwise, but I hope at least one guy there is doing this under duress. This picture is just sad. Very low energy.


    2. I’m sorry (not sorry) but I would lose a job before I did this. If I had ANY boss, male or female who said I must wear a t shirt with this message, i would tell him or her to kiss my skinny white ass.


  2. I find most of the pictures on this site, but particularly this one, to be physically revolting. I was never a bully in high school, but I want to punch every single guy in this picture right in his stupid face.

    One thing I’m enjoying post-Hillary-loss is the modified hashtag #thefutureisSTILLfemale. Sure it is, sweetheart…

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  3. There’s a guy I see around who wears a shirt that says “Father’s Day”, but with letters F, A T, apostrophe & S faded out. Yeah.


  4. I’d like to know what they’re all looking at with those vacant eyes and shitty smiles. Maybe the person taking the photo said, “OK fellas, Big smile for the camera and I’ll get your wives and girlfriends to give you all the details of the last sex romp with their Alpha boyfriends while you were home watering the plants and vacuuming.”

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    1. There probably useful in some professional capacity. I imagine they’re relatively stable, tax paying, straight men. The backbone of society types, they just need the right (heh) push to wake the fuck up.

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  5. Note the black guy is both wearing a jacket (the only one doing so) and standing directly behind someone so that his shirt is completely obscured.

    Also please to be noting, even he’s pretty gottamn pale. Fuck, guys, vitamin D deficiency kills!


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