1. …and what the hell is in the purses of the liberal chicks that is SO IMPORTANT that they wear them like a Che Guevara bandoleer of 50.cal ammo? Seriously?? Isn’t that a “micro aggression” to assume someone is gonna steal the purse? Don’t they know the inner strife they are causing among those who don’t have Coach/Dooney&Burke/MichealKors purses??


      1. It’s from de Blasio aide Lincoln Restler’s Twitter stream. Himself:


        Lincoln Restler, who is white, in his Nov. 14 post said he snapped the photo as he and his mother “took to the streets to stand in solidarity with immigrant New Yorkers.” He said it was his mother’s birthday.

        There were three people in the photo, which City Hall confirmed was Restler‘s parents and sister. Restler‘s father held a sign that read “Black + Brown + Immigrant Lives Matter.”


        The chick on the left is his sister. Himself:

        Anti-white racism on display at Gothamist:


        Compare and contrast the view from the people he’s fucking over for political advancement:


        See, Heartiste, behind every one of these odious photos is usually an even more odious individual.

        Did you think meant PJ Boy Hipster?

        Nay. Observe:

        Lincoln Restler comes from a family that has made immense wealth (not top 1% but top .0001%) by privatizing the natural gas industry in British Columbia Canada. Talk about back room deals and cronyism, Peter Restler, Lincoln’s father and biggest campaign contributor, seems to be the man behind the curtain of British Columbia’s center right Liberal Party, and those politicians regularly come to NYC to kiss his ring. His father basically engineered something similar to Enron in Canada for his own profit. The article below follows the money and goes where NYC journalists haven’t: http://thetyee.ca/Opinion/2011/03/21/SmartMeterRush/


      2. Good work. Looks like Peter Restler married Susan (((GOLDBLOOM))), daughter of Victor GOLDBLOOM. Victor was President of the Canadian Council of Christians and Jews, president of Jewish Immigrant Aid Services of Montreal, etc.

        Oh, and, from the (((NYT))): “Peter Restler is a partner at a private equity firm, and Ms. Restler is a former managing director at J. P. Morgan. “They are strong progressives,” Lincoln Restler told me”


    1. No, they are just retarded. Take comfort in knowing that should some catastrophe happen, they will be among the first raped and killed by non-whites as society breaks down.

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  2. I’m actually thankful that the disproportionate, senseless violence of googles will purge this particular subset of skypes over generations.


  3. 1. Get photographed standing outside holding up placards inscribed with corporate establishment/cultmarx slogans.

    2. Display photograph on facebook with sufficiently self-congratulatory, virtue signaling language.

    3. Brunch

    4. Check all the likes and laudatory comments during brunch.

    5. Bask in the warm glow of your courage and goodness.

    6. Shop for the rest of the day.

    It’s a wonderful life, goys! A wonderful life!

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    1. So the little mulatto girl is the child of their white daughter who was killed by her black boyfriend who is now in prison? And now the grandparents have to raise her?

      Once you go black, you die.

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      1. White people fostering. Its the only way there’s any hope of raising these kids to be anything more than crack-whores. Where I’m from the indigenous Dindus have overwhelmed the foster-care system with welfare babies born to 14 year-olds for new TV money. They are now appealing to same-sex couples to foster Dindu kids because there’s no places left, and the habitual carers are getting too old.


    2. The girl is their daughter’s illegitimate spawn of the local gang banger…who impregnated the mudshark then “beats feets” and now Grandpa and Grandma are raising the little niglet so Coal Burner daughter can go out and do it all over again. Nice job race traitors.


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