1. RE the photoshopped Microsoft Powerpoint slide: when I was working in Poland we always had to laugh at US American stock photos that were always unrealistically demographically correct. It was hard to find European sources with photos of people who looked like the ones we were addressing.

    Reminds me of this https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/6/6e/Soviet_censorship_with_Stalin2.jpg/800px-Soviet_censorship_with_Stalin2.jpg

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      1. Shaping thought to market to future demographics not yet created, cultivated, and motivated.

        “Marketing research” and advertising are not selling products to you/others. They are selling versions of you to advertisers. They cast about for hooks into you/others.

        At some level the products don’t matter so much as the lucrative realms of blattblatt in which they circlewank with one another.

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  2. The Puma one is best, blacks stopped being DJ’s when DJ’s started using lap tops instead of turntables. Dem laptops be raciss and two damm hards to use, talkin all dat Windows and shit. Modern DJ’s are emo boys with Mickey Mouse ears and female DJ’s are lesbos that lick Lindsey Lohan.

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  3. Best is the aids one. So they admit that aids is a black, and a gay phenomenon? I guess that’s why there are no hetero couples?


  4. These ads are catering to the needs of the most financially irresponsible subgroups: women, blacks and homosexuals. Who easily influenced and routinely end up in poverty.


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