Be different…until you’re all the same sepia slurry.



      1. You said “Googles” Ha! I just read about the 4chan thing to fvck with the Google brand. I hope it is successful.

        Also… Google googles work for Skype.


  1. Fvck that.

    Is there another way to pay for things that is as efficient and safe as Paypal?

    because I am starting to hate Paypal a bit more everyday

    here in Canada a couple months ago they sent us emails asking that we donate money to Syrian refugees, the photo in the email was of a Syrian family with 7 – yes SEVEN – children.

    giving money to them is paying for the replacement of the white race and it is financing the establishment of a caliphate…pretty much all refugees nowadays are muslim.

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    1. We gotta use (((them))) for now. I hate it but I pay facefuckerberg for advertising to various audiences for my clients. It’s scary how much they know about us. But it’s just currency.

      I figure so long as we can generate a surplus, and convert it into bullets, batteries, gold etc., we’re good. The real wealth comes from balls and brains anyway.


    2. Canadian Friend:

      And they feel absolutely no guilt about doing that. That is the amazing part. Sometimes the biggest lies, by their mere audacity, are the ones easiest to believe. “No, they will make Canada a better place! DIEversity is (((our))) strength!”


    1. Because women are much more easier to manipulate or to brainwash.

      They are also more open to other cultures. It would be too long to explain but if you google it you can find this has been studied.


    2. Because attractive, feminine (yes, femininity is still important to most white men) black women are pretty rare — black women are significantly more obese than eg white women — black women are by far the most obese demographic group.


      1. The lack of white men/black women couples is also because at least part of the purpose of these “Ad Campaigns” is to deliberately sexually humiliate and emasculate white men. Never doubt this for a minute. showing white guys with attractive female partners of any race might just encourage white men to think that they have some value and (((We))) can’t have that, now can we? To be fair, the (((We)) is primarily elite Jews. Lots of ordinary Jews get sick of PC too. See also – 53% of Jews voted for Brexit, even though the Jewish elite was hysterically against it.


    3. Because White woman are the weakest links in the racial chain that holds Western societies together. These mudsharking ads have a two-fold purpose: encourage White women to mix with lower races, and demoralize White men. The former, for now, I cannot stop. The latter I can control, because I refuse to let them define me or my race.


  2. I think the female is improperly type cast in this photo. She is obviously upper middle class based on style of dress, clean straight hair, thin, apartment aesthetics and no visible tats on her ankles. I just don’t see bm/wf couples looking like this. The giveaway is this woman’s frame, white men love skinny women black men do not. To me, they just inserted a dindu here in the place of a white man’s life. The upper middle class has remained the most conservative class in the country even with all of the virtue signalling that they do (see marriage rates historically unchanged). Having said all of that, this add probably works well with the affluent class because they get to feel good about their purchases in a “moral” sense.


    1. Is it me, or does everyone else immediately think: That is HER home, and that is her live-in negro bf, who she is trying to make white in dress and actions. He is just playing along to get a nice, free pad to live in, and a cute naïve White woman to bang. He’ll crack soon under the pressure, and beat the hell out of her.


  3. They (Media) sell things that work. Secretly many white women want a doting black man to fulfil her fantasies of being “special and unresponsible” because women relish the fact of gaining weight without consequences.


    1. It has been said here by others before, but for many White women, blacks are just the human equivalent of having a dog or cat they can fuck. They do not want a White man with superior intellect and reason. They want an irrational, less intelligent, spontaneous ape-man. Those are the women we should let leave our gene pool. If only they would not produce 1/2 breeds. That is the true curse of it all.


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