1. Notice the subtle notion of “interracial” here… See how the girl is in plain view, but the non-white is hidden — sorta conveys the notion that is doesn’t matter who HE IS.. as long as he’s black… and SHE will be the STAR! Subtle.. very, very subtle…


    1. It’s her head that should be looking down, in shame. Instead, it’s “Yeah? Whattya gonna do about it?”
      Also, note the (((Clear Channel))) on the frame. They are complicit.


    1. Downtown Atlanta, near the intersection of Forsyth and Cone streets. Parking Lot across from the Rialto Theater.


  2. Look at Frank Raymond and his book ‘Sweet Dream and Terror Cells’. He has a very interesting non-white perspective on White Genocide and the agenda of political elites.

    He talks about this kind of ENDLESS pushing for diversity in advertisement and cites a very grotesque case of it in a 2010 movie.

    Very interesting. Frank Raymond – The Caucasian Mind: Transcending Biological Needs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uEP0294BhLI


    1. My mom just mentioned the other day when I was on the phone with her (I rant and rave about all this modern degeneracy to my parents all the time) that a woman she used to work with (she’s retired now) who is an ULTRA liberal old hippie, even mentioned all that all the commercials on TV now feature blacks and/or black men and white women, completely out of the blue. EVERYONE is noticing it. Most are still just too brainwashed by PC to mention it in “polite” company for fear of being ostracized.


    1. Can you even imagine a professional, educated White male standing with (let alone dating) a black ghetto female like this ^^^^^. Clearly shows the mental illness amongst our women folk.


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