1. And if you refuse to wear a bra because it’s “male oppression’ you’ll sag. Their ass probly sags, too.


  1. These ugly KGB fems constantly complain that men are oppressive yet promote their tits in public. Probly hoping some idiot will cop a feel so they can sue him. And who’s that faggot in the pink bra??


  2. The two bearded eunuchs visible in this photo have worse “muscle” tone than concentration camp escapees. What a shocker.

    Get some not-all-Muslim wymyn out there in full burkas but with their tits hanging out and maybe I’ll believe this is about “topless rights for all” rather than pathetic exhibitionism with a large dose of “Fuck you, daddy!” mixed in. But it isn’t so they won’t.

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  3. You’re way off on this one. The guy who came up with this is the greatest troll of our time. His name is Claude Vorilhon, but he changed his name when he founded a cult. Through that cult, he started this nonsense day.

    Think about it… What would every instinct in an SJW tell her to do? Her instincts would tell her to get a law passed that men couldn’t remove their shirts, in her harpie quest to make things equal by making everyone miserable. Their natural instincts aren’t to do something for themselves, they’re to ruin the lives of “the patriarchy.” A protest engineered by an SJW would be about imposing some pointless rule on men.

    Instead, this mad genius convinced them that they should instead walk around shirtless. These gals are patsies in the greatest troll ever conceived.

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  4. The thrill of penetrating women’s sexual boundaries depends on them actually making a token attempt to seem modest and have boundaries in the first place. Men are supposed to pursue; women are supposed to pretend to resist. The fact that this basic polarity needs explanation is a sad indictment of our declining culture.


  5. This is the sort of picture that makes me realize that – while I’ve only dated a few chicks towards the model-end of the scale – I’ve also never delved into the left-hand side of the bell curve.


  6. am i wrong?

    while the chick in the middle has no bra ( upper chest, fat bag control ) on, isn’t she wearing ‘tummy tucker’ ( belly fat control ) panties?

    so she’s prejudiced against muffin topping?


  7. The woman at the front and centre looks absolutely awful. Clothes are worn by most people partly to hide the ugliness of their bodies. Does she think her nakedness is appealing in any way? Such conceit!


    1. That is basically what the left has become, a group for the freaks and weirdos where they can be with other freaks and weirdos and feel ” normal” and accepted.

      The problem is that the weirdos want to rule the world and impose on us weird things, like grown men having the right to use the same restroom as 8 year old girls.

      I call it the crazies running the asylum.


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