1. They probably feel “alone” and “neglected” while they nouveaux Alpha-wife off on ANOTHER business trip to Chicago or Milwaukee or wherever… and despite their rigorous workouts, hip clothing and stylish hair, their alpha wives just neglect them and treat them like the dog-crap they are… so they find “comfort” in each other’s arms during “nap-time”….

    F^&%ing betas…


  2. I’m a BJ’s member. They send a catalog-like magazine every other month, never saw anything like that. Every time I go there the clientele is about 90% White. No dindus, flamers or rap ”music”. Tweeting that however, how can I be surprised?
    BTW, yes, that’s the actual name, not ‘shooped: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BJ%27s_Wholesale_Club
    It was spun off the old Zayre’s department store chain, but obviously, it survived.

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  3. Wtf. Father’s almost never take such an active role in play between children, aside from wrestling or throwing a ball. But most dad’s never get between kids like that.


  4. Yeah yeah yeah, cucked ads trying to pimp the “Gays are everywhere doing normie shit” bollix, what’s new?

    What I really wanted to read was the rest of the “I was attacked by a swarm of bees” story.

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  5. “–and God’s people sit silently and do and say nothing; the blood of all the innocent victims in the nations of Christendom is on the hands of every true believer who does not speak up and call a spade a spade.”

    “Woe unto them that call good evil and evil good; therefore is there wrath upon you from before the almighty; you reap what you sow, if you forget my law, I will forget your children; but return to God with all your heart (which means rejecting everything that is not of God and embracing everything that is), and He will be merciful upon us, deliver, heal, and restore us.”

    “How long to people want to wait before they will repent before God; fall on their faces and cry out..?


  6. These ads aren’t diverse enough. Never seen 2 black men cast for this role. Starting to think that’s on purpose or something.


  7. I fail to see what is representative of the decline of the USA in this picture. Perhaps someone could enlighten me. I thought that we wanted to see images of white men with happy families.


  8. Just feeding and watering their little crop of catamites.
    Oh, and martin2, you will continue being unenlightenable until you repent from your sodomy.


  9. I think I see now. We are supposed to think that the men are a “married” pair of queers and they are the “mother” and the “father” of the babies. I must admit that this scenario never occurred to me. I just supposed that their wives (or “pratners”) were out shopping or having their hair done or something.


    1. i don’t think they’re gay. it says “play date” which means they are straight fathers who are taking care of their kids. the only problem is: where are the moms? banging some dindu?


    2. Really? So that faggot in the faded jeans sitting on the floor in a VERY un-manly position, with the little boy on his thigh (have you ever sat like that in your life?), looks like the type of man that could give a woman a damn good shagging and produce offspring. Really? If it were not for that faggot on the carpet, the photo could be scene as normal. But, with that Ricky Martin looking butt-lover in it, no way.


  10. Come on. BJs is so retrograde…

    Don’t they know these white daddies are now supposed to be caring for cocoa-colored racially ambiguous tots of indeterminate gender-queer identity?


      1. America is a vile cesspool, thanks to you freaks. (“vial”… yeah, that too)
        Show of hands — who here thought this would become reality, 16 years after it aired?


    1. That motherf*cking Frankenstein’s monster should be taken out in the woods for a dirt nap. How is that NOT child abuse??!!!


    2. Dafuq is this abortion?
      The child should be carefully removed from danger and the disgusting blob of shit rendered into soap post haste.

      What the hell is going on these days that this even comes to mind?


  11. The only blacks you’ll see at BJs is when a horde of them have broken down the door to loot the place during a random chimp out riot


    1. That’s catchy…it can be sung to “Zoot Suit Riot” (based on pavement ape riots back in the day). “Chimp Out Riot, ooooooh, ooooooh!”


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