1. What the motherfuck does this have to do with aids? Or are they tacitly admitting that dindus carry such diseases at higher rates?


  2. Bet her ass cheeks are purple, too.

    And appreciate the devotion to recycling, by using an ancient, smugly self-righteous slogan that tried to make indiscriminate fucking while young men were dying in a pointless war seem like a powerful act of protest.


  3. That’s not the only one. There was a whole campaign that was rolled out during the Euro Cup with different “nations” in similar situations.


      1. “the fact a shooting war has not already started proves there never will be one and we have already lost.”

        THIS X 1000000.


  4. OT

    The foto below accompanies a news story headlined like this: ‘Pictured: British boy, eight, who died after a GRENADE was thrown into his bedroom while he was visiting relatives in Sweden’

    I kid you not.

    No doubt it was a ‘Swede’ who threw the grenade.


  5. What the fuck’s “AIDes”…is that how Europeans refer to AIDs, like the way Brits switch the z for s in words such as “criticize”.

    >be european
    >promote mudsharkery between shitskin rapefugees in Germany and blonde/redheaded Euro white women e.g. in Sweden.
    >say “blend together” and “make love not war” all whilst warning that it’s best to do so “safely”.
    >implying that sex with blacks has higher risk of AIDs (which is true).
    >failing to recognize that AIDs is mainly spread between gays.

    The ad is super vague to avoid offending the libshit sheeple and gays. But it also hints at an underlying problem: nigs and muzzies are spreading STDs when they rape so it’s best to wrap it up to “make love” safely when non-whites and white(women) partake in consensual sex (which is promoted in this ad).

    The ad would’ve been more risky and offensive if it featured a nig man and woman (with clear afro and large nose). The ad would’ve also been more risky and offensive if it featured 2 fags in a clearly amorous pose.

    But of course we live in a bizarro fake “clown world” in which the best recourse is spread an anti-White message. No one has ever gotten in trouble for making an anti-white ad, article, movie or TV show.

    Fuck this gay earth.


  6. Let all Swedes perish from the face of the earth. Their pusillanimity is a blight and a dishonor to white men everywhere.


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