The person who submitted this notes,

Saw this in the airport, and tried to get a good picture of it.  What stood out to me the most is that the guy has no ring on his finger, while the lady is supposedly married.

Very sly. The temperature of the anti-White mongrelization propaganda project just went up a few degrees.


  1. the pussification of the white male is complete… we are the last hold-outs; the last “alpha males.” we are too small in number, today to stop the impending damnation of this world… when “male-people” (not “men”) cannot even change a tire or oil or grow a fu$%ing tomato in their back yard, one wonders what is worth fighting for anymore…

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  2. The man is smiling because he is sending her home after a breeding session. She is going to get home and have her cuckold husband lick her clean. The white man is being destroyed because we are stupid and lazy.

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  3. It’s a woman out with her gay black male friend. Maybe he’s dragging her along for dress shopping. Trust me, they are girlfriends.


    1. Soon it’ll be white men delivering those black eyes to keep their errant women in line. Just wait until the coming cataclysms purge the weakness from our ranks. We’re accustomed to impossible odds and will win after a cleansing austerity.


      1. As long as domestic violence is “a thing”, we’ll keep using the open hand. We, unlike groids, have jobs to lose if we get hauled off to jail.


  4. Was at the movies last week. Literally, every ad shown was targeted at women, super moms, and/or non-whites. I didn’t see a single white male on prominent display (unless he was being stupid), though white women were often paired with dark skinned fellows. Once you wake up, you see how overwhelmingly obvious the ad industry is in pushing the narrative.

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    1. Have you noticed in children’s ads all girls are white and all boys are black?

      Wait I don’t think you can call a young black man a boy, “dat racis.”

      What is the term I’m looking for…
      Pre inmate?
      Too young to be tried as an adult?


    1. The writing is so bad I lol’d. What’s worse, is Firefox or Chrome would flag ‘deploma’ as misspelled and she probably didn’t know what that red squiggly line meant.

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    2. She is 16 will turn 17 Jan 22.
      Son will be 10 months old Jan 20.

      10 months ago she was barely 16.
      9 months before that she was 15.

      Is there any state that the age of consent is 15?

      This wasn’t a case of 2 kids screwing.
      The sperm supplier is 27 now so he was 25 when he knocked her up.


  5. Regarding “the open hand”, this training film is submitted for your edification. I don’t know what the title means, but I think it’s something like “How do you do, fellow Frenchman”. The fun starts about 1:05:

    Evidently, these were French Christians praying to protest the impending demolition of a centuries-old church. The gentleman of color had been warned several times about deliberately interfering with the service. Hilarity ensued.

    Remember — rotate the hips and pivot on the back foot as if you were crushing a bug.


    1. What the title means is “Hands Off My Chaplet” or “Don’t Touch My Chaplet.”

      For those not in the know, a Chaplet is the kind of prayer they were saying, where different speakers were saying different parts of the prayer.

      Love the Crusader imagery at the end.


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