1. I have churchian friends who proudly display all over their social media the rainbow colors of their kids’ “friends”. Half the time, I’m convinced they round up randoms and make them pose arm in arm with their little “lights in the world”. Just for the picture and good feels.


  2. http://catalogs.landofnod.com/august-2016-catalog/page/1

    started by two Jews ((( Scott Eirinberg and Jamie Cohen ))) who have both already sold out of the company.

    given that we’re dealing with Jews, the name ‘Land of Nod’ needs to be considered as having muli-layered meanings. it doesn’t simply refer to putting the goyim to sleep.

    it’s also a Jewish colloquialism for living a wandering life amongst the heathen. the Land of Nod is, Biblically, where Cain spent his exile.


  3. Can’t start to early to train white girls to love a black cock. So, all those white guys can sit around and beat off. Pluse, the little Jew boys will sell them a nice house when they get older.

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    1. Thanks this world we are living in is sick its more important tan ever to te each ch our kids not to mix races


  4. So beautiful! Every time I start getting down on the world, I see something like this and I know that we’re going to be alright.

    He even has his pants pulled all the way up!


  5. I always laugh when I see shit like this with the caption “No one is born racist”. Do they realize they are saying that experience and knowledge make you racist?


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