The Grody Bunch




  1. First, I merely cringed; upon reading the t-shirt, I felt my stomach turn. The urge to smack sense into these mammals almost overwhelms.


  2. The father and the son have blue hair. Why is that? What possible reason could there be for them to have dyed their hair? Was it for charity? If a woman dyes her hair/alters her appearance in this inutile way it might make sense since she is seeking to make herself more attractive to a potential mate, but a man’s virtue lies in his breadwinning capacity, his acquisition of useful and marketable skills that enable him to provide for his family. By dyeing his hair this man is signalling in the manner that a woman signals, he’s trying to attract a mate, (but he hasn’t got a womb!), and it makes him look foolish.

    And why is the boy wearing a dress?! Are they trying to turn him into a girl? This is very strange, possibly without parallel in human history. If this kind of behaviour is what we are supposed to take as the new normal in the West then clearly the West will not survive much longer in its current form. People need to start taking themselves seriously.

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    1. The one in the dress looks very much biologically male.

      These “parents” would be treated as child abusers in any sane world; they’re clearly actively encouraging their children to be neurotic gender freaks.

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    2. According to the article, the father(?) continues to be employed as a school-teacher.

      A fuckin’ school-teacher.


    3. I read the article and got the sense that the one in the dress is a boy who has decided he is a girl. Am I missing something?
      Anyway. Horrible fucked up family. Kids are headed into depression, teen pregnancy, drugs and suicide soon enough.


      1. Funny that just by looking at that family we know they are liberals who vote democrat ( the kids will when they get to voting age)

        Is it any wonder so many say liberalism is a mental disease?


  3. Anyone notice the kid on the right has a t-shirt depicting what can only be called a “butt-pirate”?


  4. I’m sick of how the media is trying to push wholesome all-White families down our throat. Couldn’t they find a racially-blended non-cis, LGTB family to profile? Racism all the way down. Smh.

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  5. This is the view of a Progressive fantasy…cuck dad with homosexual tendency worships and drinks from the stream of feminism from a smutty, bi-polar mother, who will project her pathologies onto her daughters. Her daughters will become fat, bitter, tattooed, incorrigible women, with the worst attention seeking behaviors. While their son will end up receiving more men than the county drunk tank on the weekend.

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  6. Look at it this way: from what I can understand about this ‘family’, none of the ‘children’ are likely to have offspring — so this particular collection of freakish genes will disappear.


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