1. So she’s definitely not marrying the father of the niglet.
    Who’s the dumb fucking Cuck who decided that’s a good idea to put a ring on that coalburner?


      1. My lovely white daughter is busy pursuing her career while I’m busy fighting for my race against nigger ass lickers like you.

        And YOU???

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      1. Why don’t you make an intelligent comment instead of trying to correct me. And it’s SHITLET.


  2. look at all the likes. mudsharking is an infectious disease that will present grave ramifications for the west.

    the worst part about it? it’s growing.

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    1. look at all the likes

      It’s mostly virtue signalling — if you voice any doubts about miscegenation you’re a racist (except if your name is Muhammad Ali) — a very large majority of Whites cannot handle being called a racist — they do not know how to react, they will not take the risk of it happening — I agree it is growing — most white girls/women who do this are lower class, many of them white trash — a medical downside of miscegenation is that it is for all practical purposes impossible to find organ/tissue donors — there are no type matches.

      For a black male, there is no greater status symbol than a white female — the prospect of losing that relationship is too much for many black males, who have low impulse control and are otherwise losers — this is one reason these relationships are disproportionately violent.

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    1. We’re under enemy occupation: Obama, blacks, and shitlibs hate White people to death. I can only hope the confused White “union democrats” in Ohio and Pennsylvania will understand that by November.

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    1. staged

      In the upper right corner it says ‘Nicole Trunfio Marries Gary Clark Jr’ — she is an Australian model, he is a black American musician — the foto may be “staged” (posed), but they are real people, had a child together, and then married — that’s her on the cover — not sure if that’s their (ugly) kid or not — per below it looks like it could be.

      A real foto of the happy family:

      The foto comes from a Daily Mail (co.uk) article from July, 2015 (search for it) — the topmost comment is:

      Oh God not another one…


    1. They say you can’t play the blues in an air conditioned room. How the hell can you have the blues when you are a black guy screwing a nice looking white woman?


  3. Moron ought to wear a sign:

    White Woman Walks In Black Neighborhood: I’m Sorry Black America
    July 12, 2016 10:05 PM By Audrina Bigos
    Filed Under: Audrina Bigos, Englewood

    CHICAGO (CBS) — Her message is direct.

    Just four words: Black America, I’m Sorry.

    Black America

    Laurella Willis’ methods are turning heads on Chicago’s South Side, CBS 2’s Audrina Bigos reports.

    “It’s very touching,” said one resident. “Especially someone who’s not colored.”

    About 20 miles a day, Willis walks with the sign. She says she is sorry about “everything that’s going on in America.”

    The violence, the anger, the racial tension, all of it.

    “I don’t want to continue to see Black American being oppressed, and held down and killed like animals,” Willis said.

    WVON Radio host Mark Wallace spotted Willis walking on 87th Street.

    “No one put her up to this and she woke up and decided White America there’s a problem and we need to do something about it,” Wallace said.


  4. Aww, it looks just like her!

    Or, um, okay, no, it looks nothing like her, and she will find it impossible to love, and it will grow up to resent her beautiful, superior Whiteness.

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  5. “F*ck you Dad, f*ck you White Civilization, take that!” Who’d have thought our enemies could convince people genocide is chic?


  6. There’s just something not right about a white bride dressed in white and holding a shit stain. Toilet paper immediately comes to mind.

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  7. “Man makes history; woman is history. The reproduction of the species is feminine: it runs steadily and quietly through all species, animal or human, through all short-lived cultures. It is primary, unchanging, everlasting, maternal, plantlike, and cultureless. If we look back we find that it is synonymous with life itself.”

    — Spengler

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