1. A good photo, and hammers home an issue that I was discussing with my mother yesterday: Black women are on the forefront of the black power (i.e., “kill whitey and take his shit”) movement, while OUR women are on the forefront of stabbing us in our backs. Quite a contrast, sadly.

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  1. “Septuagenarian love capturing the hearts of thousands” used to mean grandmother and grandfather reading two or playing with the grandchildren, or sharing family photos and stories and recipes.

    I’m betting these two’s grandchildren are cats.

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    1. I am sure he has many kids and grand kids.
      He probably doesn’t know their names but I bet he has ’em.
      Hopefully he never knocked this lady up.
      Mulattoes are just smart enough to be dangerous.


  2. Is there anything I could do to get that image deleted from my brain? I’d risk taking 10 000 volts through the head if there was a chance I’d come out cleansed of it.


  3. The news story associated with the photos talks about the photographer’s “stunning” nude photos. True, but not for the reason she thinks. Clothing is also worn for aethstetic reasons.


  4. If the photographer is going to shoot old pussy, titties and butt cracks, why block it out when published?


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