1. At what point did she give up and say she’s proud to be a “Fat-American…” Oh, no – a whole new round of PC terminology is coming: “Gravity over-affected,” “Weight-challenged,” “Scale-avoidance syndrome,” c’mon… y’all cam come up with some good ones…


  2. Listen bigot, this goddess suffers from PCOS, hypothyroidism and poor genetics. She literally only eats 500 kcal per day and runs 10 miles every morning and still can’t lose weight.
    /tumblr off


    1. Anyone who has seen photos of people in concentration camps in world war two,

      tell me, how many fat prisoners did you see?

      yes zero, that is the right answer.

      How come no one back then had DNA, Hormones, thyroid problems keeping them fat despite a low caloric intake?


      1. Lol. Gee I wonder why?! For people that “fucking love science!” these SJW tumblrtards don’t have much of a grasp on fundamental thermodynamics or biology.


    2. Any way I could get pigs with PCOS/hypothyroidism/whatever? I’d love to feed my hogs 500 calories a day and still pile on the bacon; I’d be the richest hog farmer in North America!

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    3. Hypothyroidism…haha. I have Hypothyroidism, it was absolute pure hell until i was diagnosed. Then i got synthetic thyroid hormone, a gym membership, and a low carb diet.

      Im 6’2″, 205 lbs…around 12% bodyfat. Hypothyroidism is no excuse. It is easily treatable.


    1. … and 25% of Yank women are on Psychopharmaceuticals.

      You know what’s most depressing about this? The other 75% who aren’t in treatment yet.


    2. This is depressing. Considering the fact that men are:
      a. suppose to weigh more due to larger bone structure, and more muscle
      b. able to be “obese” and still have a very low body fat
      c. valued for their careers, status, social skills, and wealth as well as their looks, while women primarily valued for their looks.

      We need another fat shaming movement.


  3. In a few years she will get a gastric bypass and have her very own skin sleeping bag. Then she create a go fund me page to remove the skin drapes.


  4. As if women weren’t messed up before; now there is this (relatively) new trend of size acceptance/health/fitness.

    But every other magazine at the grocery store (where I assume this one is sold) is screaming about how to lose x pounds on this or that diet, and which workouts will *really* tone them up and shed that weight.

    Women are constantly being told they need this or that product for everything to finally fall into place in their lives. They are bombarded with sex advice, diet advice, etc. It’s like shooting fish in a barrel.

    Maybe women need to be protected from all this input the same way we try to prevent children from certain kinds of material. Our women aren’t getting any saner.

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  5. Also have to add, when you read the article title blurbs on the covers of women’s mags, it’s a constant push/pull. The same articles that promise to build confidence beg the question of not having it.

    No wonder push/pull is an excellent PUA technique. It also sells millions of these ridiculous periodicals, apparently.


  6. PCOS is Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, also known as Stein-Leventhal Syndrome. Uncontrollabl e insulin resistance and weight gain are symptoms. Whitney Thore is the woman who has made this horrible condition public. In her TV series My Big Fat Fabulous Life she documents her attempts to lose weight despite the severity of her disease. This is the lady in your picture.



    It’s your site but I suggest you delete this post as there are plenty of fat women out there who are just pigs and not suffering from disease that you could make your point with.


  7. I understand that losing weight can be really hard, and that your body will fight against it, so I’m willing to cut a little slack to chicks who made the mistake of letting themselves get fat and now can’t drop the pounds. But celebrating it? C’mon! We don’t see magazines celebrating heroin addiction.


    1. Every time you see an emaciated sunken-eyed cover model with cheekbones jutting like Lon Chaney Sr. as the Phantom, that’s pretty much what you’re seeing.


  8. “Why wait? Live your best life now”. What in hell could be in that article?

    And *pole dancing*? Dare we look?

    I want the next one of us that has to go to the store to look for this rag and give it a quick flip through. Please get back to us on how that pole was doing after the big girl test drive.


  9. Yeah the Pole dancing header top left is funny. Magazine must be Chatelaine for BBWs. I would not like to be in the room when one of these hefers starts up on the pole dancing.

    I would have to be like Obama making one of his bs speeches as it happens..teleprompter going crazy..”And the oceans recede and the subfloor buckles as the nails are apopping and the rafters are a groanin!! ” Libtard crowd cheering.


    1. That is a sad image…her good genes are gone never to come back…all her kids will look like that baby, none will have her pretty face, nice white skin, delicate caucasian features

      she is a fool, she does not realize she is destroying milleniums of evolution, and she does not realize she is murdering her own DNA, her own race

      she is a race traitor but she does not know it.

      When I see images like that I know I am right to say women need men’s guidance and protection, other wise they make the wrong choices.


      1. “When I see images like that I know I am right to say women need men’s guidance and protection, other wise they make the wrong choices.”

        No, white people can make their own racial decisions. Why are you a Fascist?


    2. At first when I scrolled down I just saw the woman’s face and shoulder and I’m like “SHE’s not fat is she?” then I scrolled a little further and “Oh, shit.”

      Just awful.

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      1. Probable backstory: a homeless Person Of Colored was outside begging for money to “feed mah keed”. This kind, lactating, young White woman wanted to help, but suspected a cash donation might be misused to purchase crack, so she offered to feed the little angel herself. Processed food is full of GMOs and transfatty acids, so she provided the most natural solution possible.
        White people are helpful like that. Just today at Chick-Fil-A, I saw a red-headed White man in his 30s carrying a little brown girl to his mother’s car, while also helping guide her older brother. The little mulatto boy dashed off the sidewalk into the parking lot, where he might have been run over, had the attentive White gentleman not called out, “Kingston! NO!! Get back here!” The afro-headed boy obeyed, and returned to his nanny’s side to continue walking to his mother’s car. I didn’t see the mother, though. She was probably at work, or panhandling outside Petco.
        But the girl in this photo and the man I saw today reaffirmed my belief that White People just make the world a better place. I hope Fate helps these two find each other sometime. They’re made for each other.


  10. Just like a fresh car wreck, I had to peek at this disaster called FabUplus. Oh, it’s for self-hating fatties alright. One section on why you shouldn’t weigh yourself (aside from the fact that most common consumer scales stop at 300 lbs):

    “Scales Aren’t Always Reliable: Weighing yourself on a scale doesn’t accurately measure your progress. Scales only measure the pull of gravity on mass. A typical bathroom scale will not effectively show the size or density of the mass it’s measuring. A pound of muscle and a pound of fat both weigh the same thing. But they look really different.”

    Like these fatties have any muscle.


    1. “Scales Aren’t Always Reliable: Weighing yourself on a scale doesn’t accurately measure your progress.”

      Brought to you by the same people who brought you these favorites:

      “I.Q. Tests Aren’t A Reliable Indicator of Intelligence”

      “Classroom Testing Is Not A Fair Evaluation Of Black Ability”

      “Comparisons That Show Women Paid The Same Or More For Comparable Jobs Are Inaccurate And Misleading”

      “Crime Rate Data Paint An Unrealistic Picture Of Black Criminality”

      See a theme here? Facts be rayciss and sexist and sizist. Ignore facts to learn the real truth.

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