Womb with a hue




  1. We’re basically living through the plot of the “Aliens” movie with the Western (((elites))) playing their role as (((Paul Reiser’s))) character.

    (((They))) want to import hostile aliens to weaponize for (((their))) profit.

    And, (((they))) want to expose white women to facehug…err….I mean diversity.

    However, in the end, Paul Reiser was killed by his preferred pets in the film.

    Besides “They Live”, when do we start lobbying to ban James Cameron’s anti-semitic propaganda, fellow SJW’s?


    1. –This is late, but I do OFTEN think about (((his role))) in that movie.

      Cameron has done a lot of things wrong (since), but that was one hell of a piece of casting. Could he get away with it today?


    1. I’m a white man & wouldn’t touch any of these skanky twats. I have standards since giving up whiskey.

      I’ve heard that “Once you go black you never go back.” You cant.


  2. The bad news: At least 2/3 of white people are weak and degenerate and essentially fucking worthless.

    The good news: It will only take 10% of us to turn this thing around.


    1. At some point do white men ever start holding their women accountable for this shit? I can’t imagine a bunch of black women being allowed to play act with light skinned baby dolls and get away with it. Even simple sabotage could be effective. If enough of these little mudspawn replicas start going headless, young women might start getting the message. I doubt they will look after the mystery meat dolls well enough to detect the perps. Any German men/boys have enough backbone and cunning to kill this miscegenation campaign in its crib while avoiding detection?

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      1. I was thinking more of a ski-masked attack against the dolls at the photo shoot here (the photographer would have to be a conspirator). Mostly to see if any of them would risk life and limb to defend their Mudpatch Dolls. If they learned a lesson from it too, then that’s gravy.


    1. These unattractive kleine frauen (little women) will not be missed because they are sub par and need to bred out.


  3. I wonder how many recently graduating Ivy league alum would understand the recently ubiquitous reference in the title. Just one generation later, the new pups don’t even grok the recent past, much less history.


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