Preventable Retreat


Backstory. The optics are galvanizing.



  1. Why is the Trump campaign not getting out a brief survival guide for event attendees?

    Stick together in groups, don’t run, etc. Wait for stragglers. Note that courageous Democrats have shown a particular preference for attacking women, children, and isolated targets. That sort of thing.

    That would play well in the media. So would video of men at events organizing to protect women and kids from the vibrants.

    Let them ask Trump about it. “Is this necessary?” He can rattle off a dozen unprovoked attacks.

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    1. Great comment. I can’t understand how the Trump rally attendees in a place like San Jose could have been so unprepared. Of course they can’t have weapons inside the event, so they will have none coming out. But some simple strategies like you outline would be a huge improvement on what we’ve seen so far.


    1. Amusing. They blurred out the faces of the guilty, even though they claim Whitey’s the only guilty one.


  2. This doesn’t happen in Mississippi.. we have “open carry” laws… AND THIS is why the govt REALLY doesn’t want you to have a gun; perfect situation for “stand your ground”

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  3. Has anyone noticed the recent Sanders commercials? One shot of a fat ugly spic wearing a La Raza teeshirt with a cock sucking assed grin on his stupid face?? This means that if Sanders gets in, we will lose the entire South West, where I live. Hell, we’re losing it now.


  4. Most telling was the police standing down while Whites were assaulted right in front of them. Don’t expect any help from cops -they’re all just K-9 units and do as they’re told.


    1. Mayor of San Jose is a Shillary supporter who promptly blamed Trump for what happened. Chief of Police in San Jose is a member of La Raza.

      Un-effing believable set-up those Trump supporters were walking into. I guess we’re lucky the cops didn’t use tear gas and nightsticks on the Trump people…


      1. “Chief of Police in San Jose”

        He’s an affirmative action piece of shit — the whole department is no doubt riddled with people like him. In the statement he/they put out afterward, the word “insight” was used when incite was meant:

        “While several physical assaults did occur, the police personnel on scene had the difficult task of weighing the need to immediately apprehend the suspect(s) against the possibility that police action involving the use of physical force under the circumstances would further insight the crowd and produce more violent behavior.”

        White taxpayers fund this.

        I firmly believe that without AA, especially in government employment, there would be practically no black and Hispanic middle class.


  5. Oh,my,lets have a pity party for the Trump supporters. Were they singing the same tune when they were punching demonstrators in the face at Trump rallies? Remember a samurai never checks the back of his armor.


    1. Typical Liberal false equivalence. The only people who have been hurt by Trump supporters, to my knowledge, were disruptive protestors who tried to interrupt free political speech. They came in to the rallies specifically to stop the official proceedings.

      The Trump supporters who were attacked were the victims of an attempt to punish or disrupt free association and political activity by anti-Trump protestors. In both cases the anti-Trump folks were attempting to squelch free speech.


    1. “a white couple that uses a male dindu to babysit.”

      = Race Suicide. How na├»ve and selfish can you get? They needed a “date”? Leave the little inconvenient kid at home with a dindu that looks like he couldn’t break 70 on an IQ test?



      1. “selfish”

        You mean fucking stupid — or perhaps irresponsible — how naive and fucking stupid and irresponsible can you get? Apparently we’re not there yet.


    2. The cops and courts will never adjudicate this appropriately. Oregon is mostly one giant, unpopulated wilderness. 1) Buy a shovel, 2) stop befriending groids, and 3) don’t let them near your children.


  6. you guys act as though there is nothing that can be done if the pigs refuse to budge from their lines.

    this is not so.

    we have camera phones EVERYWHERE. this means that ALL citizens arrests can be documented with slam dunk evidence.

    bring large zip ties with you to use as ersatz cuffs and shackles.

    if the pigs start trying to arrest law abiding citizens who are documenting and stopping crimes happening in broad daylight and in public spaces …

    then open warfare is the next stage.


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