1. the way I see it, it’s kinda funny… Looks like some store manager was given a “direct order” by “THE corporate headquarters” to put in a “pride” section. The Manager was not real excited about the gimmick so he got the “lamest” gay-pride crap and put it on a tiny little rack (but was forced to use the BIG sign that Corporate sent)

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  2. Doubling down on poz. Apparently, losing 15% of the stock price wasn’t enough. After talking huge losses, JC Penney finally figured out that fags are only 3% of the population and fired it’s poz preacher. How long will Target hold out worshipping poop dick?

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    1. I have not shopped at Targay in over 10 years, since I first started noticing that in the Sunday advertisements, Targay was leading the way in interracial photographs hocking their Made in China shit.

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  3. This “pride” campaign is devilishly clever. They could have gone with “acceptance”, or “normalization” or something more reserved, but they just went in all-or-nothing with “Pride”, which labeling of the actual physical manifestations of homosexual behavior would once have struck any decent man as perverse to the point of irrationality.

    In spite of our grousing on sites like this, you have to hand it to the queers, they pulled off one hell of a re-branding and P.R. job. Second only to the “noble black folks” mythology perpetrated by Hollywood through the 1950’s to 1970’s, which re-invented an entire race in the image of a Sidney Poitier, intelligent, noble, ethical, and hard-working. And like “Pride”, most of us bought it.


  4. Target doesn’t really support hashtagpride. If they did, those hats would be free. Since they’re selling those items for < 100% loss, they are clearly hater-fascists, and deserve to be boycotted by every color fruit of the rainbow.


  5. Target also has faggot employees wearing “pride” uniforms. That’s right — they literally stand there as cashiers with a faggot pride uniform. In the future they will be targets indeed. The very near future. Get it, jews?

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      1. Jeezuz…look at the cuck-dad on that FB page…they are totally exploiting this kid for their own selfish reasons…My God, they probably brainwash this kid 24/7…no wonder he’s already an emotional wreck and not even in kindergarten…


    1. Hey, Mommy is just using Womb-an Power to create jobs for future psychotherapists and mass murder crime-scene cleaner-uppers via the later emo of her two angst-programmed eco-sproggins.

      Wonder how long it’ll take the older one to realize that Mommy’s super-deep ecology translates as, “I hate you children and wish you had never been born.”

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  6. In other news, the Stonewall Inn may be slated to become a national monument. A fitting gesture for a GRIDS riddled empire wheezing its last breaths.

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  7. Pride. Yes. Proud to consume excrement. Yet if you ask how much they have consumed, they suddenly become defensive and hysterical, calling you “narrow minded”, “bigot”, “homophobe” and “racist”.

    Yet the fact remains. They consume excrement, therefore they are mentally ill.

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