1. How’d those grapes fall in that shopping cart? Also how many watermelons could she steal under her moo moo without arousing suspicion? Gotta give some credit for not using the diabetesmobile though.


    1. I had to zoom in to see, because I just knew, knew, knew…

      …that the little fat fuck was wearing no socks and crocs. Aarrrrrgggh!!

      Too predictable.


  2. I see this all the time. Obese, older mom with a roughly 10yo kid who probably has developmental disabilities. Though, this one looks like she’s wearing a wedding ring so maybe dad is still around…


  3. Noting how he grips the pen poorly, he may be autistic and more easily managed that way than loose on his feet. The buzz haircut is also common for such.


  4. Just noticed what looks like a preloaded tote in the baby seat of the cart. It’s full of kid activity stuff to keep him occupied. He’s autistic.


      1. Looking at her, one can see why he is autistic (if he actually is). Some things just should not breed.


  5. Someone has an appetite for Tostitos.

    This is the kind of picture that Europeans love to hate the US with. Loads of food, some of it being marketed in a health-conscious way to overweight, lazy Americans.

    Along with the frozen expression on the woman’s face, and the sense of deadening monotony and social isolation it serves up a nice slice of modern Americana.

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