1. It’s a White family who are Trump supporters passing through the gauntlet of an anti-Trump mob on their way to a rally


      1. That fellow is an Aryan poster boy, which I am sure makes the dirty turd-world mystery meats hate him and his family (over which he clearly is the strong Alpha head) even more.


    2. This is a nice, healthy white family going about their lawful business only to be harassed by a mouthy mongrel horde of brown invaders. Note how the alpha male does not even acknowledge their presence and looks straight ahead while his beautiful wife laughs at the idiocy of the de-spic-able morons.

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    3. I can’t rediscover the video just yet. I remember the mexican actually yelling at them something to the effect of, “you gonna teach those kids to be rape apologists?!” It was cringe-worthy.


  1. Trump supporters walking through the darkness to get to his event. The man sporting the ‘Richard Spencer’ haircut with his two white children in tow. Wife smiling broadly knowing she is safe next to her man.


  2. The next time that man faces those brown, raging hordes, his wife and children will be safely at home and he will be free to do what is necessary.


      1. Yeah, cause short, fat Mestizos are know to be legendary warriors when faired against strong Northern European Stock.

        And he’ll have a rifle and be picking them off at 400yards.


      2. “Yeah, cause short, fat Mestizos are know to be legendary warriors when faired against strong Northern European Stock. And he’ll have a rifle and be picking them off at 400yards.”

        Considering your not strong Northern European Stock, I suggest you find someone to take on that role. Besides, why a rifle? If they are so legendary, hand to hand combat should suffice, right?


  3. If only we had a latter-day Norman Rockwell to do this picture justice with a “Saturday Evening Post” treatment. A timely reversal of his famous Little Rock innocent little black girl protected by National Guard propaganda piece. (Norman, you really screwed us over on that one).

    Only thing is, I’d change the expression on the presumptive wife’s face. Picture would be better if she was showing the same grim determination her husband displays.


    1. Don’t you know? Rockwell was gay!
      He never mentioned it while he was alive but the professional gays assure us that he was. I guess they have gaydar that works from beyond the grave.


  4. The beaners don’t seem to know any English besides “Fuck you” and “Fuck Trump” which they shout over and over again, so much that the news channels don’t bother to censor them, or their signs, or even apologize for the language being used anymore. Behold the racial/cultural equivalent of a busted septic tank. What a mess.

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    1. You know, in large numbers Whites never used the word “fuck” until integration. It was a low class black word, that spread to Whites, like the other diseases and destruction they gave to us. Enrichment.


  5. He’s like, “I just wanna get inside”, she’s amusing “I like all the attention on me.” The vatos are thinking “I could be stealing right now” and the police questioning “why aren’t they stealing now?”


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