When This Kid Grows Up, He’ll Retroactively Vomit




  1. The father should be in jail or at minimum in a padded room.

    This is child abuse.

    For any “progressive” or “liberal” reading this and thinking I am wrong, let me be extremely and brutally graphic here

    Imagine he is a heterosexual father, and the baby is a girl, and he is making her suck his penis that is covered in milk.

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  2. this is more evidence that these freakshows are mentally deranged. even after they “switch” they still have sex with the opposite sex that they were born as, this child abuser & bruce jenner too.


  3. LIfe is just too easy nowadays. Not much need to conform to natural laws. Spend your time thinking about changing genders?… No sweat. You still get to eat. Not many trans dirt farmers.


  4. Hopefully he’s still a he when he grows up. Way too many of these freak-couples try to flip the children doomed to their custody.


    1. they don’t care about the children.. just think, when this kid grows up, he can kill BOTH parents and claim “abuse” and insanity.. he’ll walk away Scot-free and with the insurance money!


  5. WAIT, I’m confused.. this is a “trans-gender father” in a gay relationship… does that mean this is actually a woman dressed as a man who’s “partner is an actual man?? and the “other man in this relationship” actually had sex with this woman (who looks like a man in the pic) and they had a kid naturally?? This is a messed up as a soup sandwich…


  6. Reassigning meaning to words to suit the mentality of a niche minority is ending up emptying the words of any communicative (not to say moral) value for anyone.

    What happens one day when everyone is frantically signaling to everyone else but no one can interpret the meaning of any of it?


    1. I don’t know, man. All I know is we need the whole system to collapse as soon as possible. We’re in a nightmare.


  7. This is a sick woman. There will be negative repercussions for the child and its future.

    And those liberals and SJWs who have excused, supported and distorted these issues are complicit in the evil that occurs.

    They need to be accountable too.

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  8. A glimmer of hope: North Carolina put in place a ”bathroom bill” which requires people to match the restroom to the sex of the person that appears on the Birth Certificate. Basic common sense, mandated by law.
    Naturally the 0bama *cough* *cough* Justice Department is trying to have it struck down because ”it violates snivel rights” of trannies. *&^%$#@!
    So far, NC is sticking to their guns, they’re suing back:
    You know this will wind up in the US Supreme Court don’tcha?

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    1. I’m still waiting for some city, county or state to ignore a USSC ruling, and stick to it til it becomes Fort Sumter II. That County Clerk in Kentucky got close, but she only had moral support; and morals never won a war.

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