1. uh, sorry, what were you saying? I was too busy checking out that fine ass on the girl with the white cap. Great ass, honey. Do you work out a lot?

    Anyway, you were saying something about the soul?


    1. My eyes went to her rolls. How I’d love to butter them.
      Then I noticed ninjaboy is wearing a bicycle helmet. Either he’s retarded, or he doesn’t trust his fellow protesters to not steal it.


  2. ever notice you NEVER see a leftist male who’s ass you couldn’t stomp into a mudhole… and you NEVER see a leftist female that you’d even consider fucking (even with someone else’s dick)!


    1. Normally I’d completely concur with you, johnny, but I just watched the Mexicans rioting over a Trump rally in California. La Raza has a few muscular dudes in it, if you consider them “Left”. And of course a few Dindu looters might put up a good fight, as long as they had you outnumbered, and we know they are honorary Leftists. Otherwise, yes you’re right- the White and “Eskimo” Leftists are a pitiful lot.

      May I suggest the California Reconquista anti-Trump riot as a “Goodbye America” entry?


  3. Trump protesters in Orange County — should a politician actually say “My fellow Americans…” when addressing that crowd?


  4. Why do so many of these people cover their faces? Aren’t they supposed to be (in their own minds) the “good guys”?


  5. These male, leftist quacks all generally look the same; t-shirt or hoodie, scruffy hair, horn-rimmed glasses…

    I’ve never seen a straight one dressed up in his best attempt to look like a grown man.


  6. There are two types of “left”. There is the “principled left”, the left of young naïve white women brought up in affluent all white suburbs, and their noodle armed white orbiters who think that by agreeing with her stupidity she will stop ignoring him. This is the left that supports social justice and Bernie Sanders.

    Then there is the “unprincipled left”; the left of the blacks and the Mexicans. They are on the left because they want more welfare and more handouts. It has nothing to do with social justice or equality, but all to do with gibsmedat. Although they are nominally of the left, they actually manifest a trait that is usually associated with the right, naked self interest.

    So of course it is no contradiction that blacks and Mexicans on “the left” will be muscular and manly, since machismo is not at odds with their overarching philosophy, as it would be with white leftits.


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