1. Come on, y’all.
    2016 is the year (((we))) turn Western militaries and societies into Captain Jack music videos!


      1. It’s one of the 1990’s Eurodance videos that helped condition the pale goyim to get accustomed to non-whites running around in their neighborhoods because “diversity is cool”. Plus, the subtle mudshark encouragement for the shiksas in the audience.

        See also:
        -Real McCoy (a white girl is actually the singer, but a black is lip syncing in the vids)
        -Lou Bega
        -Ace of Base (“Beautiful Life”)


  2. “take off your hat….raise your right hand! take off your hat!! raise your right hand!…TAKE OFF YOUR HAT!”

    Three Stooges, “Disorder in the Court”

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  3. The oath don’t mean dick anyway, so why even try? You know he ain’t gonna be doing much tryin’ when it comes to law “enforcement”.


  4. It’s common for witnesses in court to raise their left hand when sworn by the judge, whose right hand is raised, because defendants/claimants want something from the judge, so they’re subconsciously buttering him up by mirroring him. This mentally retarded shitskin doesn’t even have that excuse — the man issuing the oath has his arms down!


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