1. can we just give them free crack? Like 100 LBS of the stuff… crime would drop.. vagrancy would drop… might need some “mass graves” for the first few months, but the problem would solve itself…

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  2. I suppose the “H” in Healthier is supposed to represent two people sharing health tips. But at first glance I thought it was styled in imitation of Arabic lettering.

    Maybe this booklet is part of a helpful series? Other titles might be:

    “Healthier Tips for Huffing”
    “Healthier Tips for Shooting Heroin”
    “Healthier Tips for Operating Heavy Machinery While High/Intoxicated”
    “Healthier Tips for Lying in the Middle of the Road To Prove Your Courage”
    “Healthier Tips for Winning at Russian Roulette”

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  3. And of course, this is published by people who would actually have a heart attack if someone published a “Healthier Tips for Smoking Tobacco” pamphlet, even though cigs are about 1/10,000 as dangerous as crack, because cis-normative working-class white men smoke cigarettes, and “F**k you, Dad!”

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    1. Cuckoldry to the 10th dimension. I almost want to tap him on the shoulder and tell him to move, so I can send his wife back to Honduras with a package in her from the good ole U.S. of .A.

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    2. “Why we chose…”
      I scanned the article for keywords like “retarded”, “crazy”, “manic”, “insane”, “batshit”, but came up empty. I can only assume the answer provided was a lie. Btw, “mommy” in the post-partum pic looks like she thinks she won the Ghetto Lottery. Idiot. Oh, just checked – that’s another word missing from the article.

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    1. I couldn’t read the whole article-too painful to see such joyful masochism.

      “We believe when you look into any human’s eyes, you look into the face of an image-bearer of God – into the eyes of a person whose soul is eternal.”

      Here is the central problem for those WNs who would salvage Christianity from the ruins of Western Civ: you keep telling us it’s the true White man’s religion, but I can plainly see that you are outnumbered 100,000 to one by White Christians who believe blacks are made in the image of God. And White Christians who are intent on feeding the starving Africans, curing all disease in Africa, and sponsoring immigrants to the US.

      Christian WNs, please figure out the problem with these two “evangelicals” and the many like them, and then by all means get back to us.

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      1. If Western Civ is in ruins, our White brothers and sisters with that extra spiritual chromosome will be exhausting every waking minute and every ounce of energy on survival. They won’t have the resources to indulge in this retardery. Plus, any contact they have with non-Whites (of any breed) will firmly douse any thoughts or fantasies that we’re all the same.
        They subscribe to Paintjob Theology because they were good little sheep listening to their shepherd/shepherdess in the pulpit. Whatever shepherd pulls Western Christianity out of the ruins will have the responsibility of ditching the lunacy that’s infected it over the last 150 years. (ballparking the descent starting with the abolitionists; obviously they’ve gotten exponentially worse the last decade)

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  4. When I volunteered at an AIDS SJW organization in the 90s, one of the tasks was assembling and handing out kits for needle users with little vials of dilute bleach so junkies could take the time to rinse out their needles patiently before injecting. You were supposed to educate the junkies about clean needle use as you handed them the kits, and the kits came with a pamphlet much like the one up top. Really effective, I’m sure, on so many levels.

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  5. How are these people any better than dogs seeking a pat on the head from their masters? How are they better than stupid animals? How do people who reject themselves and their ancestors not reject their creator? Do such people have worthy souls? Do they have any souls at all?

    How are the rabbis not right about (most of) the goyim?

    Somebody? …Anybody? …. Buller? ….

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