1. They do this to distract from the fact that they’re fat.

    I’m convinced this is why a lot of fat, ugly girls dye their hair bright colors, get piercings, and tattoo themselves.

    It’s a warning sign.

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  2. Reality TV, Häagen dazs, Hillary Clinton and hyphenated last names…the squirrelly thoughts of the unlucky Beta that will call her an ex-wife one day.


  3. WARNING! XXX Content at below link. WARNING!



    Apparently, it’s a Tumblr profile for a damaged mudshark hoe that was engaged to some black beta before she drifted to more alpha cock.

    It’s a shame she went this route because she is still young, tattoo-less, and free of stupid piercings. Too late, there won’t be any white traditionalist stable family in her future household now.

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  4. ‘I tattooed my eyeballs and had my tongue split in two’

    You don’t say:

    ‘Another of Kylie’s more noticeable body modifications is her pointed ears’ — ‘I’m happy and proud of who I am’

    That makes one of you.


  5. The sad waste of it is that, but for the obesity, they’d each be perfectly fuckable, maybe even dateable and knock-up-able girls. yet another example of the widening (heh) sex ratio imbalance and the coming demographic tidal wave. If a tidal wave of childlessness is a wave.


  6. What a bunch of unappealing hogs. Assuming one of them is marrying a human male, think about this: THIS is the thinnest she will ever be. Dindu don’t mind tho.


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