When you’re estranged



  1. I see that this is a Clearwater Police Department photo. But I don’t know what’s going on. Can someone explain the significance here?


    1. That park is about three miles from where I was living in Clearwater. They’re most likely just on some combo of booze, spice or cannabis, and various pills. Someone mentions Fentanyl above, but it’s actually rare in FL. Not an uncommon scene in many parts there, especially just north in Pasco County.


      1. Thank you. I thought that might be it. Seems as if it’s a lot of trouble to go through to end up miserable.


      2. They are pretty clearly doing the “smack lean” one does when injecting heroin. Weed and booze? Lol I don’t think so duder.


      3. Actually, this was the result of some new, cheap designer drug that supposedly makes its user a basic zombie within a few minutes after inhaling it, and last (as you can see from the photo) quite a while. Can only imagine the amount of brain cells destroyed with each usage. Taxpayers got you covered though, folks, so keep at it! Yeah, we are never having a moon base.


  2. According to the paper, these people are using some synthetic drug called “spice”, which leaves them catatonic as seen in the picture. They apparently go out to local parks and are found like this, and have to transported to the hospital for intensive treatment.


    1. Who knew that having your genitals mutilated was the key to Empowerment? Having rocks thrown at them on the walk to school should toughen them up, too.


      1. Actually, I’d bet half the purpose of that Sesame Street character is to undermine Islamic culture as much as it is to further the multi-cult in America.


    2. She will teach kids, her many traditional values like how to be an underage bride, acid is for discipline, goats are for pleasure, bomb making is a woman’s job too and how to chant death to the U.S. in Pashtun.


    1. Didn’t notice the first time around, but not only was she stuck with the mud baby, her vocabulary got miscegenated as well: “we blessed.”


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