1. Jesus – look at the 10-ish year old girl vamping for the cam in that shot.

    Her genes just said – “Well, my dad is a cucked loser, better turn on the puberty program early and find a man to protect me”.

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    1. Holy shit, that’s quite a detail. The body language is so eerie, it almost looks like a photoshop. It reminds me, quite frankly, of some of the tranny boys paraded of late in “Pride Parades”.

      She’s wearing an OFF THE SHOULDER garment. And that headband makes her look like she’s got a skrillex haircut. WTF is with these people?


  2. I suspect this is another stock photo (generic ‘breakfast table’ perhaps?). If that was an actual family, that guy and the ‘wife’ character is already unable to control the family’s pet dindu. One can only hope:
    1. It’s absorbed into ‘sports inc’ for at least a decade.
    2. It’s inevitable caging.
    3. It gets made good by another dindu.
    With the first comment, yeah, I noticed that too. I’m still guessing stock photo. IOW the girl’s mother coached her to act like that whenever a camera is pointed her way. The photog decided ”fuck it, it’s beer thirty, the shot’s good enough, it’s a wrap” (the sunlight tells me it was shot about 4-6pm).

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    1. It does look stock. She’s sitting next to the dindu and he’s sitting on the other side of the table by himself.


  3. So this is one of those German pictures of adopted rapefugees? If so, then the underage child’s coquetry is even worse; she’s not an exceptional prosti-tot being sexualized by her mom for the pageant life, she’s a normal girl with a normal (liberal) mom, who’s been sexualized for the sake of feminist politics.

    What exactly do you think the result will be, putting this rapefugee in the presence of an underage girl who’s been taught to act like that? Mohammed knows.

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  4. I had a front row seat to this very dynamic in motion. My ex-brother in law and his wife pretty much adopted one of their sons (an only child by the way) negro friends. He became so firmly latched onto this family he would accompany them on vacations including to the Jersey Shore. He had the usual “bakketball” skills that young negroes exhibit but while it was enough to make him a big noise in high school it would never be enough to make the transition to the big time (this according to “talent scouts” that looked at him…not me). This family spent a lot of money and time, not only on him, but the entire family including finding them housing in their school district and setting money aside to pay for his college (yes…and a lot of money from what I was told). Meanwhile his ghetto mom and her sometimes oil driller lived it up in a home that good ole YT was paying for. It always struck me as a mental illness when I would watch all this going on…they never gave up trying to turn this turd pile into a diamond regardless what “setbacks” happened. The last I heard before me and my ex parted ways was that the bakketball skills were failing him and he was transitioning to new sports…screwing any white girls he could get hands on and dealing pot. The most amazing thing was that the white family took on more and more ghetto nig characteristics and of course the little nig never changed in the opposite direction. I don’t think “cuck” even scratches the itch on this. It strikes me more along the lines of a willing and active self destruction. Is there even a word that conveys such a concept?

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  5. Typical Cuckstian family with Terminal Altruistic Syndrome. They deserve all the bad shit that is coming their way.


  6. Someone on pol posted this image with a backstory. Allegedly, this “undercover” mudshark was in a relationship with the white guy pictured. Unfortunately for him, she was also fucking her black yoga instructor on the side. He was cucked for 9 months until the child was born. One can only imagine how he must have felt when the mystery meat baby came popping out. He has since cut all contact with her (smart move) and she has been shunned from the majority of her own social circle.

    Things don’t always end bad, i suppose.


    1. I thought a vasectomy would keep the wife from getting pregnant. Turns out all it does is make the baby a different color!


    2. Everyone should get at least one free murder, for cases like this. Screw that annual “Purge” nonsense. A One Free Murder society would be a very, very polite society.


    3. @BringDaMovies: What a story….notice how this unattractive (if not outright ugly) female puts her tits on display right next to the sprog. Yeah, we get it.

      This woman must have enjoyed every moment of cucking that poor White guy. Bet she thought she was really hot to have two men f-cking her.


    4. A rare example of a halfbreed niglet being (debatably) less ugly than its mudshark momma. Good riddance and get the hell out of our race you horrible bitch.


  7. She is doggish. Deserves what she got. That devious bitch was hoping the kid would have her genes and the poor cuck wouldn’t notice, and she would pass it off as his. What a dishonest slut.

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    1. The Black definitely has a tattoo on his upper left arm — poor “refugee”, he had to make the treacherous journey north so he could afford to get more tattoos.


  8. re: the top photo of the new style family in Norway. This is one of those pictures that could easily be read as a parody. Look at the I-can’t-believe-these-White-people-are-so-gullible grin on the Negroid’s face.

    And once again the interloper is pictured in closer proximity to the wife than is the husband. Might as well have the Whites in this pic photoshopped out and replaced with big fried chicken legs. In fact, the last time I saw a ‘groid grinning like that, he was holding a chicken leg.

    I wouldn’t trust that black to mow my lawn, much less live inside the house with my little girl.

    Another example of “liberalism” as straight-up mental illness.

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  9. Dad looks like Chris Martin and their boarder looks like a demon straight out of hell. Clearly the survival instinct has withered to the point of non-existence in Scandinavia. Pure Eloi. Then you have the cuckoldry. So much sickness.


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