Two bowling balls, six smelly holes


The photographer explains,

The shirt says “Just Married…Becca & Sara,” however the date on the shirt made us all aware that they were celebrating their 1 year anniversary.

Short hair. Check. Overweight. Check. Ugly. Check.

Welcome to the United States of Attention Whores, where the number of attention whores is inversely proportional to the aesthetic justification for the attention.


  1. Some females cut their hair off, to make themselves less-rapeable. I don’t think that’s why these two did it.


      1. The two cats are probably just off-screen. One big happy “Modern Family”. Oh wait, this crap only works on TV?! Nobody told her that. Whoopsie!

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    1. Your son deserves to be deported to Africa and you deserve to be put in an Oven. Since there is no father in evidence, we’ll have to deal with him later. But I’m sure something can be worked out…


    2. Awww, so cute! He’s got your eyes. And nose, and ears, and hair and… oh wait, he’s got none of those.


  2. There it is again. That smug “look what I did” expression on a mudshark’s face when she holds that sprog and has her picture taken.


  3. The photos make me feel funny, sort of sick, like I just ate too much of a bad thing. I think I’m going to….oh, I am going to….


  4. Top pic: Notice, that the one in front looks almost masculine.. Hell, I was fooled for a second… NOTE the “boot”/splint/cast on the front one’s left foot.. yep, Disability check!! – sHE’s bringing home the bacon (ALOT OF IT!!)


  5. I can care less if they want to share cats and bump kitties. What ticks me off is that I’m paying for their lunch, since one is on disability and the other is most likely welfare.


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